edX Help Center Structure in Zendesk Guide

The following steps detail the process of creating and updating documentation that is published to the edX Help Center, authored in Zendesk Guide.

How content is organized in categories and sections

All help center knowledge base content is organized in the following tree structure:

Home > Categories > Sections > Articles

Each article must be a child of a section, and each section must be child of a category. You cannot have orphan articles or sections.

Categories are the top-level organizing containers of the Help Center. You can use categories as content portals for different products or services, or for different kinds of content. For example, you can create one category for partners and one category for learners. In the future, we've discussed creating categories for learners, course teams, and enterprise/integrations. 

The new edX Help Center has six main categories (and one FAQ category), containing a number of sections, which will correspond to current edX Learner Guide chapters. These sections will consist of as many articles as needed to cover the relevant content. 

edX Help Center Structure

Home > Categories > Sections > Articles

Home > Account Basics > Sections > (articles to support chapters)

Home > Payments & Refunds > Sections > (articles to support chapters)

Home > Courses > Sections > (articles to support chapters)

Home > Certificates > Sections >  (articles to support chapters)

Home > Programs > Sections > (articles to support chapters)

Home > Credit > Sections > (articles to support chapters)

Home > FAQ > Sections > (articles to support chapters)