User Interface Text

User interface text can include text that appears in the UI, tooltips, mouseover text, error or status messages, and email messages that the system sends when a user completes an action.

Usually, we work with the teams as they develop a feature to recommend UI text (for both browser UI and the mobile app). Groups do this differently.

  • The ECOM and T&L teams tag their writers in PRs that includes screen shots of features with text, and writers comment on strings directly in the PR. 
  • For the Insights product, the doc team member works with the UX lead, the product manager (Katy), and an analytics team engineer to iterate through the UI strings, mouse over tips, and other help, and the results are tracked on /wiki/spaces/AN/pages/9764932
  • On the Mobile team, the UI strings are in one file for Android and one file for iOS, so it is generally most efficient for the writer to make edits to the strings in those files after seeing screen shots or test builds of new features.

If you need to change existing user interface strings, the following pages can provide some help.