Dynamic Content UI Text Strings (manually translated)

Below is a table containing the UI text strings that are manually translated and managed as dynamic content in Zendesk Support. Zendesk automatically localizes and provides translations for many UI text strings in all supported languages. Learn more about helper template language and how to include these translations in current and future locale help center page templates.

Text String

Spanish String


Location<div class> or <span class>

Dynamic content code

js code (script.js file)Notes
Help CenterCentro de Ayudaheader.hbs

header on all pages

First part of breadcrumb path (picked up from Help Center name set in ZD Guide Settings, NOT from this dynamic content)

<span class="help-center-name">{{dc.help_center}}

Help us to improve our Help Center!Ayúdanos a mejorar nuestro Centro de Ayuda!article_page.hbsBottom of page below the Helpful Y/N buttons and above the link to the feedback linkAdd <div> or <span> for article survey{{dc.help_us_to_improve_our_help_center}}

How can we help you?

¿En qué podemos ayudarte?


hero<div class="hero-inner">


Enter search terms hereIntroduzca los términos de búsqueda aquíhome_page.hbshero (inside search field)<div class="hero-inner">N/A// search placeholder change text // var currentLanguage = $('html').attr('lang').toLowerCase(); if(currentLanguage === "es-419") { $('.search #query').attr('placeholder','Introduzca los términos de búsqueda aquí' );}

Popular article topics

Temas populares de búsqueda


hero<div class="hero-inner">


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

¿No puedes encontrar lo que estás buscando?


footer<div class="subfooter">


Send us your feedbackEnvíanos tus comentariosarticle_page.hbsBottom of page below the Helpful Y/N buttons, below "Help us to improve our Help Center!"Add <div> or <span> for article survey{{dc.send_us_your_feedback}}

Submit a ticket

Enviar una solicitud

footer.hbsfooter <div class="subfooter">{{dc.submit_a_request}}

Contact usContáctenosfooter.bhsfooter<div class="subfooter">

{{dc 'contact_us'}}

This is in the B2B help center only. The 'Contact us" button launches the an email window:

<a class="submit-a-request" href="mailto:customersuccess@edx.org">{{dc 'contact_us'}}</a>

All hyperlinks




hero image/popular search topics:

Popular topics (which will change when needed):

  • hero course information
  • hero payment information 
  • hero proctored exam help

<div class="quick-search">

Example for Course information link:

<a class="link" href="https://support.edx.org/hc/en-us/categories/115002269607-Courses">Course information,</a>

All other strings

Automatically translated text strings (referred to as keys) provided via Zendesk global helper template language.



n/a - uses t global helper

Note that, when adding dynamic content to a template, it's necessary to change the text formatting as follows:

From the provided placeholder text:



{{dc 'submit_a_request'}} 

Zendesk does not provide a reason (or guidance) as to why you need to remove the period, and add single quotes around the placeholder name. Just do it!

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