FED practices and considerations

Base requirements

These are base requirements for all FED work that should be tested and supported before initial release:

  • Accessibility
  • i18n
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Performance
  • Analytics tracking - feature parity

Accessibility and iFrames

Useful when considering various higher-order front-end plugins, and whether they can only be used in certain parts of a hierarchy or if they must be flexible enough to be adjusted for different hierarchies:

Using iframes for either the header or the body are both feasible solutions when it comes to accessibility. The general concerns of having a proper hierarchy of h1, h2, etc., and not having multiple links with the same text, and other issues still apply and need to be thought through to ensure this won’t introduce those kinds of issues, and Jeff Witt (Deactivated) would like to review/help, but it is definitely a viable technical option.


External links should open in a new tab (eg. facebook). Internal links may open in the same tab/window. (reference: thread on slack)

Cross-browser Support