How to add an Answer

If you have a question you need answered, ask it on Slack or one of the mailing lists.

Let's say you have an answer to add to this wiki space.

First, decide if this is the right place for your idea.  Each page here should be one focused question.  If you have a larger topic (for example, "Installing Open edX"), other places in the docs or the wiki are better.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the Create action.
  2. Choose Troubleshooting article.
  3. Use the question or problem statement as the title of your page.
  4. Add some labels. These populate the "Related articles" and "Browse by topic" sections.
  5. Write the question and answer as clearly as you can. You don't need to provide tons of context if the question is focused enough.

Any questions, Ned will be excited to help you add your content, so just ask.


How to add an unanswered question

Sometimes you see a good question, and want to capture it so we can eventually add the answer.  Create a Troubleshooting Article as above.  Give it a label of "unanswered".  Include a link to the original place you saw the question (Slack or mailing list, for example), to keep the context and also to be able to get back to the answer that was provided there, if any.