I tried to register a new user, and I didn't get an email


I tried to register a new user, and I didn't get an email.


Open edX is not set up to actually send email by default. To make it send email, check the Django documentation on sending email. However, if you are running Open edX locally, you can still verify your email address even without getting an email from Open edX. In the terminal where you are running LMS or Studio, the software prints out a message that contains the full text of the verification email, which looks something like this:

Thank you for signing up for edX Studio! To activate your account, please copy and paste this address into 
your web browser's address bar:


If you didn't request this, you don't need to do anything; you won't receive any more email from us. Please do
not reply to this e-mail; if you require assistance, check the help section of the open edX web site.

Sometimes, the message doesn't get the URL quite right – you may need to add :8000 or :8001 after the word "localhost" in order to make it work. For example, you may need to visit http://localhost:8001/activate/0699e17df6024fb382fadfabed100691 instead of http://localhost/activate/0699e17df6024fb382fadfabed100691.