Why are my translations not being shown for JavaScript?

If you are providing translations by hand for your Open edX instance, then the Python-based processes will not update your JavaScript. This answer explains some of your options.


The Django translation process generates JavaScript translations into the directory lms/static/js/i18n. These files are statically generated and checked in as a performance improvement, rather than having Django dynamically generate the JS files on each request. It also allows them to be cached by the browser.

Step-by-step guide

The recommended approach is to update your language's translations in Transifex:

  1. Read this guide for working with Transifex:
  2. Once your strings are published, follow these instructions for updating your Open edX installation:

If you have manually edited the .po files for your language, then you can regenerate the JavaScript translations as follows:

For more information about the translation process, see the localization wiki: