ARCHIVE: How do I publish an edX npm package?

This page is very outdated.  Please delete it if you have the permission.

When you've made changes to an edX JavaScript repository, a new version of the package needs to be pushed up to npm. You can request that a contributor do this for you, or you can follow these steps to become a contributor yourself.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a new npm user at

  2. On the command line, initialize your npm author information (taken from 

    npm set "Your Name"
    npm set ""
    npm adduser  # enter your npm username and password

  3. Confirm your settings: 

    npm config ls

  4. Request that an edX npm administrator add you to the libraries you wish to contribute to:
    • edX employees: post your request in the FedX HipChat room
    • others: post your request in the #front-end channel in Slack
  5. Follow the release process steps for the library you are changing