What domain can I use for my Open edX site?


You need to choose a domain name for your Open edX site.


There are only a few restrictions on the domain name you choose.  The rules are related to the proper use of edX trademarks.  The full details are on our Trademark Guidelines page, but briefly:

  • You may not use "edx" as any part of your domain name.
  • You may not use "openedx" as part of your top-level domain name.  You may use "openedx" as a subdomain.

For example, these domain names are NOT ALLOWED:

You may use "openedx" as a subdomain:

Though "edx" is not allowed as a subdomain, here are some other suggestions:

  • courses.yourdomain.org
  • learn.yourdomain.org
  • online.yourdomain.org 

For more details on the edX trademarks, see our Trademark Guidelines page.