2017-08-22 Hangout Agenda and Notes

The Hangout agenda is open to any topics related to deploying edX and running it in production.  Add your agenda topics directly to ths document.

Joining the hangout does require an invitation.  If you need one, please send an email to openedx-operations-hangout@edx.org from the account that you would like us to invite.


  • News and edX updates
  • Ginko.1
  • Toward Docker Devstack 1.0
    • Forums!
  • Mongo Modulestore pruning update
  • Retiring the OpenID endpoint
  • Community Questions
  • Django 1.11 Upgrade
  • Paragon, https://github.com/edx/paragon


  • Announced again Joel B.'s departure from edX
  • Ginkgo.1 was released last week.  There was only one RC and the process went very smoothly.  The running time was more about getting the docs in shape then issues with the code.
    • There are no known issue necessitating a new Ginkgo
    • We did also release Ficus.4 with a security fix and some changes that helped smooth the way from Ficus to Ginkgo
    • Ficus.4 → Ginkgo.n is the recommended upgrade path, prior versions of ficus are not expected to upgrade cleanly.
  • Are migrations applicable without down time without downtime?
    • Typically no
    • We are not currently prioritizing work.have an out of the box solution for making named-release upgrades
  • Mongo Modulestore pruning code from Elton's team is in review currently, https://github.com/edx/tubular/pull/184
    • Think we can merge the code early next week
    • Version 0.1 will be feature complete, but likely malperformant.  Usage would not be recommended for most production use cases
    • Testing against backups to smoke out corner cases would be a good idea
    • Phase two of the work will focus on resolving the performance issue
  • Django 1.11
    • Waffle is no long on a fork, Clinton B is now a maintainer upstream
    • Django-celery has been forked to allow us to move at our pace.
  • Worth taking a look at Paragon, a new project for building reusable components based on the React framework.  Will ask Ari to come to the hangout and present in the future