2018-02-27 Hangout Agenda and Notes

The Hangout agenda is open to any topics related to deploying edX and running it in production.  Add your agenda topics directly to ths document.

Joining the hangout does require an invitation.  If you need one, please send an email to openedx-operations-hangout@edx.org from the account that you would like us to invite.


  • John Mark Walker Introduction
  • Django 1.11 – Final Countdown
    • Django 1.11 has an alter to the auth_user table to increase the username column size.
      • edX platform team exploring ways of keeping the site up in a "read only" mode while the migration is happening.  More to come.
  • Hawthorn
    • Blocked by
      • Django 1.11 upgrade
      • pip-tools enhancement
    • See Hawthorn page for more information.
  • Community Questions
    • Memory leaks in LMS/CMS for Ginkgo (appears to be occurring due to content encoding bugs in https://github.com/mitodl/edx-platform/blob/mitx%2Fginkgo/common/lib/xmodule/xmodule/x_module.py#L884)
      • Others have seen this as well.
      • People have generally been just restarting gunicorn after some number of requests.
    • Is a new version of MongoDB required for Hawthorn?
      • No, but at some point pymongo will be upgraded at 3.x which will mean Mongo 2.6 will no longer work with it.
    • Are you going to move to redis?
      • No we already did it.
      • The changes will be in hawthorne.  You do not need to upgrade to Redis as a part of hawthorn.
    • Is Stanford certs going to be merged into edx-certificates?
      • More discussion needs to happen here.
  • Ned Questions
    • What talk should the edx devops team do?
      • Installation of insights and ecommerce
        • Especially on How do you install them on a separate server from the LMS?
      • Something around course-discovery?
        • Publisher in particular.