2018-11-27 Hangouts Agenda and Notes




  • Figures show and tell (John Baldwin)
  • Q&A with edX DevOps team


  1. What is the plan to replace flash for verifying students identity when flash will soon disappear from browsers?
    1. edX will check in with our Product team and the roadmap for replacing Flash
  2. I'd like to hear a bit about how you run end-to-end tests to validate builds. We have been having intermittent problems with AMI builds, and it would be nice to have some automated testing of them instead of waiting for a user to discover them.
    1. Feanil will be checking to see if the Jenkins DSL is publicly available of the end-to-end Jenkins job
  3. Parameters for the mongo-prune script inb tubular. How many versions is it recommended to keep?
    1. edX maintains the last 10 versions, however the last two versions are likely the only ones needed
  4. What is the state of support for SSO/third party auth in studio?
    1. This is not supported currently, however edX is working to change how auth works across the Open edX ecosystem and may eventually allow support of SSO/third party authentication
  5. With Youtube changing it's policy to showing related videos after the video is played, is edX relying more heavily on VEDA for video hosting and delivery?
    1. edX is starting to move away from YouTube and using HLS plus its own CDN for video content. Open Source team to check if VEDA is publicly available for HLS encoding