Bug Template


When you're filing a ticket, there's some information that's really helpful for those triaging the tickets to have. Here is a template you can follow to help fill in that information.


## Steps to Reproduce
## Expected Behavior
## Actual Behavior
## Link to page that is displaying the error
## Business Value / Impact
how is this bug impacting the value of our product?
## Additional information

Notes on "Steps to Reproduce":

If possible, try to reproduce the issue on a test course (make a new course in edge, see if you can reproduce). If you can't, that's cool, but provide some way for someone else to experience the bug. If even that is impossible, just provide as much information as you can, but please make it clear that it wasn't possible to reproduce.


TNL-3296 - Getting issue details... STATUS  is a very well written bug. Here's how it would translate into this template:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a test course
  2. In Studio, create an html component
  3. Press the "HTML" button to edit the component in raw html

Expected Behavior

You should be able to edit the unit in raw HTML

Actual Behavior

You see a 404 error (see screenshot) when you click "HTML"

Link to page displaying the error


Business Value / Impact

This affecting the ability of course teams to edit their courses. Course teams are also worried that they may have lost data.

Additional Information

This issue was first reported just after our last release. Six course teams have already sent frantic help requests. This appears to be affecting all courses, is easily reproducible, and appears on prod and on edge.