Internal Tools Overview


The purpose of this page is to be a guide to the internal tools that are used within edX to examine or manipulate product-related data, in support of our customers, partners, and internal stakeholders.  By nature, this list of tools will be constantly changing along with the needs of our business.  So if you know of any tools that should be added or removed from this page, please go ahead and do so, or contact Alan Zarembok (Deactivated) if you are not sure how to proceed.

Internally Developed Tools

The following tools are used in resolving issues in dealing with learner and course issues.

Tool NameDescriptionHow to AccessCode RepoNotes
Ecommerce admin toolAdmin tool for viewing courses, coupons, for each tab currently retrieves all data, should improve this (e.g. search for one partner, etc.).

This tool includes several tabs:

Allows you to edit course type, seats, price, verification deadline.
view/edit coupon info, download report (CSV) on coupon usage
Enterprise Coupons
same as above, for enterprise coupons
Program Offers
view/edit program offers, including start/end dates, discount percentage
Enterprise Offers
similar to above, but for enterprise offers
Journal Bundle Offers
Currently has no data--obsolete?
Student support pageSupport tool for managing student info (certificates, enrollments, entitlements, etc.) app named support.  Should explore the individual tools on this page further.
This tool includes several tabs:

View/regenerate certificates
Manual Refund
Issue manual refunds
View/update enrollments for given student.
Manage User
Enable/disable login for user account.
View/edit/reissue learner entitlements.
Feature Based Enrollment

Financial aid suiteView miscellaneous info related to financial aid.There is a python script that populates a SQL database that lives on Allyson Pyers' laptop.  The script takes financial aid requests from zendesk, applies some criteria to approve or disapprove them, and adds them to the database.  The financial aid is provided via coupons that Allyson requests from marketing in blocks.
Video heal tool (in development)Allow support staff to run heal tool on videos without engineering assistance. to investigate what changes would be needed to make this work.  Also should consider developing as a micro-frontend.

Other Tools (e.g. Django admin pages or 3rd party software)

Tool NameDescriptionHow to AccessCode RepoNotes
LMS AdminMisc stuff–videos, proctoring,

Discovery AdminView discovery data–courses, runs, seats,

Credentials AdminManagement of

Proctoring Review DashboardReview status of proctored

CoursegraphView course structure in graphical
outdated and broken (ticket?)
Instructor tabFor particular course, manage users, enrollment, certificates, etc.view course from staff acct
not really internal, course instructors can use this
Ecommerce dashboard (Oscar)View information related to ecommerce transactions, e.g. orders, refunds, customers, generated page
Veda admin toolmonitor processing status, health of via firefox only (sad)
FlowerCheck flow of celery

Ideas for Tools to be Built

  1. List from Jennifer Akana:  
  2. Idea from Corey Miller:  slack channel similar to #release-events that would provide information on deployments of all services.
  3. Idea from Allyson Pyers: entitlements tool should be able to delete entitlements (currently they can be reissued but not deleted)