Fix eCommerce Publication Endpoint to Support Seat/Mode Type Change


The course team initially created seat type for a course as 'professional education' in Publisher and afterward they changed it to verified and published the courses again, but in eCommerce the professional seats were not deleted.

LEARNER-5540 was created to fix the eCommerce publication endpoint to allow seat/mode type change.


Participants: Albert (AJ) St. Aubin (Deactivated)Farhanah Sheets (Deactivated)Waheed Ahmed

We have decided under LEARNER-5540 that we should not update the publication endpoint because the publication API logic itself is so complex and modifying it to allow seat/mode type change can lead to unexpected consequences, instead we should encourage course teams to avoid changing seat/mode types and if they mistakenly created the wrong seat/mode type, they should create a CR ticket to fix that manually.

Following is the document on how to change seat/mode type manually: