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Superseded by: Requirements for an MFE

Infrastructure & Framework


  •  Paragon / "Design System"
    •  Reusable components upstreamed to Paragon
  •  Uses frontend runways for common functionality (free with frontend-template-application cookie cutter)
    •  frontend-platform (authentication, analytics, i18n, logging)
    •  frontend-build (webpack config, babel, eslint, jest)
  •  Deployment
    •  Prod / Stage
    •  Devstack
    •  Sandbox
    •  Edge, if appropriate
    •  Open edX, if appropriate
  •  Code maintenance
    •  Renovate
    •  Auto-merging of dev dependency minor and patch versions
    •  Auto-merging of minor and patch versions of edX dependencies

Observability & Analytics


  •  Accessibility checklist
  •  Components adhere to design system best practices


  •  a11y (Today, this is done manually)
  •  Performance (compare new and old using Speedcurve)
  •  User Acceptance Testing (UX)
  •  Multi-device support (tested using Browserstack)
  •  Unit tests (see OEP-11 for tech choice)
  •  [Optional] Acceptance tests (Cypress is being assessed as a technology)
  •  [Optional] Consumer-based contract tests (looking for a pilot drive of this pattern)