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Sample Email from Service Owner to Dev

Hi all,

<team name> is upgrading MongoDB from <old version> to <new version> in Devstack in preparation for upgrades in Sandbox, Stage and Prod. You will need to pull master and then run the script that we’ve added to the devstack repo.

If you have questions that are not addressed in this email please let us know.


Q: What is Mongo used for?
A: MongoDB is used to store course content and forum posts. If you find any issues with course content or forums that may be related, please let <team> know.

Q: How do I upgrade my existing sandbox?
A: Rerun the CreateSandbox Jenkins Job with "recreate" unchecked. If you are using a branch in the "configuration_version" field other than "master" make sure the branch is rebased on top of master to get the mongo changes.


<engineer name>