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    Open edX BTR working group
    Meeting notes Dec 6, 2021, 15:00 UTC



·         Release postponed to the 20th of Dec. This allows additional time to integrate the Ecommenrce MFE and Pay platforms before release.

Ecommerce Issues-

·         Team has setup with assistance a test server to allow development on the Current Ecommerce MFE and will work on fixes to the following issues


·         Custom payments processer to be completed issue 74


Other issues to be resolved:

·         Issue 109 Front end Headers: Peter is working on issue fis may bring forward a setting change for other MFE for Branding purposes.


·         Release notes on how to do branding are required.

Learning MFE

·         Issues remain with the upgrade buttons (111) may be a cache issue on local machine but checkging


·         Issue 122 Assigned to peter to determine if major or minor issue

Gradebook MFE

·         Working on issue for header integration Jhony assigned issue


·         Native CI installer failing due to node issue  of pulling node 16 rather thand 12  Ned will test native install and node packages