2021-12-06 BTR Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes Dec 6th 2021

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    Open edX BTR working group
    Meeting notes Dec 6, 2021, 15:00 UTC



·         Release postponed to the 20th of Dec. This allows additional time to integrate the Ecommenrce MFE and Pay platforms before release.

Ecommerce Issues-

·         Team has setup with Overhang.io assistance a test server to allow development on the Current Ecommerce MFE and will work on fixes to the following issues

o   ID issue- only found in Dev Stack not found in production instances issue is closed (120)

o   CyberSource not working as a payments method Team is continuing to investigate this and will have a solution before Release. Issue 121)

o   PayPal is working and may be backported to lilac

·         Overall Team is on track to resolve all issues by the 9th and testing should be done for Maple release on the 20th   Dec 2021.

·         Release notes for Ecommerce need to be produced cybersource setup needs to be documented.

·         Custom payments processer to be completed issue 74


Other issues to be resolved:

·         Issue 109 Front end Headers: Peter is working on issue fis may bring forward a setting change for other MFE for Branding purposes.

·         Issue113 : to be looked at by Sofaine will require help

·         Issue111: being worked on by Max happening on Devstack might occur in tutor but resolution may be to release token and add eccommerce lables Potential to fix before the 10th and release in to the 20ths major update.

·         116 Frontent MFE header translation issue with Ned

·          Running at Scale with Tutor documentation being worked on by Regis and Overhang.io

·         Release notes on how to do branding are required.

Learning MFE

·         Issues remain with the upgrade buttons (111) may be a cache issue on local machine but checkging

·         Fourm still represents an issue even if turned off

·         Header will tie to issue 109

·         MFE will result in issues with older courseware especially around the use of I frames in LTI component

·         Issue 122 Assigned to peter to determine if major or minor issue

Gradebook MFE

·         Working on issue for header integration Jhony assigned issue


·         Native CI installer failing due to node issue  of pulling node 16 rather thand 12  Ned will test native install and node packages

·         Proctoring in Lillac broken with latest update

o   Requires a rollback methodology to be documented and described to users who have implemented upgrade.

Chat text


00:09:45               Sofiane Bebert: https://github.com/openedx/build-test-release-wg/projects/1?card_filter_query=label%3A%22ecommerce%22+label%3Aaffects%3Amaple

00:14:36               Régis B.:               https://github.com/openedx/build-test-release-wg/issues/109

00:15:31               Max Sokolski:     https://github.com/openedx/build-test-release-wg/issues/111

00:15:49               Max Sokolski:     Should we add this to the list of issues we discussing?

00:17:37               Sofiane Bebert:

00:23:17               Sofiane Bebert:

00:24:33               Tobias Macey:   Stepping away for a minute

00:28:13               Sofiane Bebert:

00:29:06               Sofiane Bebert:

00:29:47               Sofiane Bebert:

00:31:58               Sofiane Bebert:

00:38:44               Régis B.:              

00:40:35               Max Sokolski:    

00:41:03               Max Sokolski:     Is the key expired for and there is no new one?

00:44:32               Sofiane Bebert:

00:48:04               Sofiane Bebert: