November 22 2021

Open edX BTR working group
Meeting notes Nov 22, 2021, 15:00 UTC




·         “Uncaught TypeError: n is null” during login to LMS

  • Issue can be fixed in tutor but lies in the http turn on https and issue is okey

·         Can’t login: invalid setting for “sessionid” cookie. When running LMS in http

  • Similar issue

·         Support other payment processors 1

·         Support for Gradebook MFE 1

o    Support for Transifex in the frontend-app-gradebook MFE 1

o    Headers and translator issues are improving the new header format is working for branding purposes

·         Support for the Learning MFE 3

  • Jhony trying to get owning teams on 2u and new non-profit to engage as this is a newly setup non-profit they are having to sort some other issues atm.

·         Support Profile MFE 1

  • Translation issues around using transfix to pull and implement for maple

  • This is a cross mfe issue and could be fixed after maple released for translations

  • Note Support for Ecommerce MFE may cause at this point slippage on maple

 Need volunteers

·         Bulk course emails are rejected by email server because of an invalid “from” address

·         edx-platform triggers too many deprecation warnings

·         Django 3.2.9 2

@djoy The following are MFE related issues. Can members of the frontend working pick them up?

·         In the learning MFE, the course upgrade button has an incorrect link 1

In the learning MFE, a link to the forum is displayed even when the forum is not enabled