2022-02-28 BTR Meeting notes


Feb 28, 2022


  • @Sofiane Bebert

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Dennis Bates

  • @Pierre Mailhot

  • @Kyle McCormick

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Jhony Avella

  • @Gonzalo Romero

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Discussion topics









 10 min

Roles for Nutmeg

 @Sofiane Bebert

15 min


@Sofiane Bebert

  • https://github.com/openedx/platform-roadmap/issues/83

    • Ben Holtz (2U) & Feanil Patel (tCril) arethe Tech Lead for 2u on ecommerce

    • possible-replacement with public/private repos with 2U but project is just kicking off

    • fork of existing repo for maintenance

    • Will not be available for Nutmeg early mid 2023 is timeline for availability

  • Custom Payment Processor

    • Will this be a community feature with plugs

    • is this an mfe issue or core issue

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated) to talk to BH to determine how community gets insight into this

    Any Feature requests going forward

15 min

Discussions MFE

@Peter Pinch

The Discussions MFE was enabled on edx dot org recently, as an instructor-only preview. Will we / can we support it in nutmeg?

  • limited release to instructors

  • potential candidate for nutmeg?

    • may not be rolled out by april 8th

    • we should mention but not make core to nutmeg

  • what is repo and testing plan

    • make an MFE available but not core

    • potential plugin to tutor

  • internationalisation and branding support

5 min

Authentication MFE

@Sofiane Bebert

  • Should the authentication MFE becomes the default in the community release?

    • not part of current experience

    • what does it do and how does it interact with SSO providers?

    • is this both registration and login or both?

    • ID verification of users as part of the proctor's exam system. or should this be part of the ecommerce process

    • Currently a mix




  1. notes for release and for the documentation

    Process to Create an Open edX Release - Open edX Community - Confluence (atlassian.net)

  2. Maple released without some language support action to correct

  3. custom payments and edunext will be updated next meeting

Action items

Create issue tracking release of Discussion MFE and roll out to edX and issue assigned to @Peter Pinch , for now, to go to frontend group later →
List of questions for ecommerce (ID verification?), Co-payments, Plug-in processors ie., stripe, Paypal etc
@Jhony Avella to ask what is Edunext approach to Custom payment processor


  1. Create a forum post with Action items for ecommerce Questions and how long should it remain open