2022-01-17 BTR Meeting Notes

Minutes of BTR working group jan 17th 2022Minutes: linkVideo: link

Open edX BTR working group bi weekly meetings minutes

Jan17 2022 15:00 utc

Meeting URL: Launch Meeting - Zoom
Meeting ID: 895 7565 8344
Passcode: btr





Retro of Maple Release:

Retro board can be found here

 Link to video of meeting

What went well

  1. Fixed major eco missuses

  1. Created and implemented roadmap for dealing with branding MFE

  1. Transitioned to Tutor As supported platform for releases

  1. Nearly hit the release target gate

What Can be improved

  1. Better focus on time to complete tasks

  1. Move from last minute coding to rushes to having more dedicated coding days

  1. Pay more attention to Devstack Repo


Action Items

  1. Improve synchronous and Asynchronous working practices smaller Zoom meetings

  1. Dedicated scheduled times

  1. Move to E2E testing for releases

  1. Collect a common list of items to be iterated each release

  1. Use http://Demo.openedx.overhang.io as testing and demo system

a.    Look to rotate the responsibility in future?

  1. Improve updating of issues assigned by requiring bi-weekly updates on issues from person in charge of those issues

  1. Appoint a testing manager to work with core teams to ensure testing and follow-up