2022-03-28 BTR Meeting Notes


Mar 28, 2022


  •  @Sofiane Bebert

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Tobias Macey

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Kyle McCormick

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Jhony Avella

  • @Pierre Mailhot

  • @Dean Jay Mathew


video of meeting



Discussion topics










Devstack DEPR FYI

 @Kyle McCormick

I’m proposing that Devstack will be marked deprecated in Olive, and removed before Poplar. Details: https://github.com/openedx/devstack/issues/907 . This is pending Tutor reaching feature parity with Devstack.

  • By Olive, we should plan to have Tutor ready to be a “recommended” dev environment. We could even shoot to do this by Nutmeg.

  • how will the support for tutor as a replacement for devstack to the developer community work.

5 min

Test Coordinator role

@Sofiane Bebert

  • Maksim is no longer able to fill the role for Nutmeg. Anyone would like to step up for the role?

  • role involves

    • coordinate testing

    • communicate results of testing

    • if they can do testing but not a core role

    • person can write own spec to the role.

10 min

Library V2

@Sofiane Bebert

  • Is it likely to land in Nutmeg?

  • @Adolfo Brandes “not a candidate for nutmeg”

    • Blockstore- held up at with some changes required- is possible to merge for nutmeg

    • Course authoring MFE will not be ready for Nutmeg

    • System is currently in alpha but this is being funded by 2U to move forward

15 min

Cut date Actions


  • Cut date 9th April

  • must have instance for everyone can test

  • make cut over and branch for nutmeg

  • get it up and running

  • give run time to existing test suite (MIT tests) @Peter Pinch @Pierre Mailhot may be able share list no automation on test suite


Test Plan


Test Plan

  • Deployment tutor nightly

  • MFEs to test

    • New MFEs (Authentication, Discussions)

    • Learning MFE

  • Combine @Pierre Mailhot and @Peter Pinch


MFE update from last meeting


  • authentication mfe is working in production @Sofiane Bebert need to check against third party auth formats @Kyle McCormick to check as to continuation

  • Discussion MFE needs more explanation and discussion (is this opencraft or someone else) @Peter Pinch to check on state of discussion continuation

  • Check with teams about continuation of exisiting features that will replaced by MFE and time frames for discontinuation


Release Process


  • Release notes

  • Create release candidate branch

    • One of @Adolfo Brandes or @Kyle McCormick needs to be there during the release process

    • Are some of the branched repos still in the edX organization?

Action items

@Adolfo Brandes to walk @Sofiane Bebert through how library V2 might be able to work but it will change before production
@Régis Behmo to deploy test cut over instance
check issues to be picked up and check that issues are being progressed

  1. Dean is happy to take on Role of Testing coordinator