2022-06-06 BTR Meeting Notes


Jun 6, 2022


  •  @Sofiane Bebert

  • @Dean Jay Mathew

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Kyle McCormick

  • @Régis B.

  • @Pierre Mailhot

  • @Ghassan Maslamani

  • @Maria Grimaldi

  • @Gonzalo Romero

  • @Jhony Avella

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Dennis Bates



Discussion topics










XBlocks that aren’t in the base install

 @Kyle McCormick

Some XBlock are on the testing sheet but aren’t in the base install:

should we:

  • add these to the base edx-platform reqs?

  • add these to just the test env?

  • remove these from the test plan?

  • not standard xblocks in open release

consensus today:

  • do not add any of these to the release today

  • post-nutmeg, we can discuss adding them to the edx-platform base requirements. @Sofiane Bebert will reach out to the Product WG to see if they have opinions.

  • loose consensus: “if it’s not in the base installation, we (BTR) don’t support it”

  • @Dean Jay Mathew 's colleague may be able to maintain pdf, will consider for Nutmeg.1


How did the pages & resources bug get fixed?

@Carlos Muniz @Kyle McCormick

We’re just wondering how this bug got fixed: . We assume some flag was changed?

  • Toggled waffle flag to return item to legacy version however….

  • are there issues with the wiki portion?

  • need a pr to fix the wiki issue as was removed without a deprecation ticket

  • needs to be restored to legacy version in nutmeg.

  • May be a showstopper for release. @Sofiane Bebert to update status

When Olive comes, we’ll need to decide whether to include frontend-app-course-authoring, which this issue can help us understand.


Nutmeg Testing

@Dean Jay Mathew

  • Are there any outstanding Test Cases and/or GitHub Issues?

    • 94% of test cases complete

  • Let’s confirm what is outstanding and how we plan to manage it.

    • latex complier should be removed as an issue cannot be tested.

    • mobile course do the courses work a

      • android upgraded 3.02 working will be shipped.

    • Course Highlights

    • external python grade systems.

      • XQueue (needs key for testing)

      • (code jail) is working

    • Can we test localisation and how?

      • Canadian French works @Pierre Mailhot

      • need other languages and testers to test

        • Spanish tbd @Maria Grimaldi

        • give to translation working group?

        • add to release notes and do translation by cut date?


    • will update asynch on the issues in github.


Feedback/Update on Course visibility issue

@Ghassan Maslamani

Regarding the course visibility issue, as reported in and .
After doing investigation along with @Kyle McCormick feedback, and further testing.
My conclusion is:
- My changes might not be needed
- We need to document the finding somewhere
- Suggest long term changes, i.e. renaming toggles, packages..etc

Action items

@Sofiane Bebert Connect with the Product WG to enquire about the process for including additional XBlocks (e.g. PDF Xblock)
This group needs to make a decision on its stance on supporting & testing XBlocks (or plugins) that are not part of the default platform.
Ask for an urgent fix of Issue 173 & ask the community
Test i18n
@Ghassan Maslamani to check arabic translations
@Maria Grimaldi to check Spanish translations
Release plan
any unusual issues. will need permission will need to create tag
release notes


  1. Get the Translation WG involved in smoke testing i18n in the release testing process.