2022-12-19 BTR Meeting notes


Dec 19, 2022


  • @Pierre Mailhot

  • @Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Feanil Patel

  • @Ghassan Maslamani

  • @Maksim Sokolskiy

  • @Matjaz Gregoric

  • @Tobias Macey


 Discussion topics









5 minutes

Action items update


Check progress on the previhttps://sessionize.com/2023-open-edx-conferenceous meeting’s action items.

10 minutes

Mini Olive retrospective

@Adolfo Brandes

  • Went pretty smoothly, thanks @Matjaz Gregoric!

  • Bugs were in the code, but that was mostly due to us bringing in MFEs last-minute

5 minutes

Testing update

@Adolfo Brandes

  • We should add items to the test plan based on the bugs we found this time around

  • We should remove items from the test plan that shouldn’t be there

  • We should test upgrades

5 minutes

Release notes

@Peter Pinch

Release notes are merged & published. 🎉

  • Thanks @Peter Pinch!

  • If folks have issues, where should they open them?

    • BTR board for issues in Olive

    • Upstream repos if possible

5 minutes

Organizational topics

@Adolfo Brandes

  1. Chair: @Jorge Londoño has volunteered to be chair for the Palm cycle (🎉🎉🎉)

  2. Unifying the BTR, DevExp, and a potential new DevOps working group under one roof.


Release Naming

@Ned Batchelder (Deactivated)

We need to pick names, and have a process for picking names.

We will pick one by Jan 15th, possibly with rank-choice voting of names suggested by the group.


non-openedx repos

@Peter Pinch

The olive release surfaced a number of repos that are (still) outside the openedx org, e.g edx-sga. How/do we address these?

  • Criteria for bringing repos into openedx:

    • Going forward, we would like them to be maintained according to the Maintainer’s Pilot guidelines

5 minutes

Openedx Con CFP

@Feanil Patel

 Action items

@Adolfo Brandes will update the calendar
@Adolfo Brandes will help onboard @Jorge Londoño into the Chair role
@Jorge Londoño will start chairing the meeting on January 9
@Adolfo Brandes will start an Olive retro thread in the forum


  1. Our next meeting is going to be on January 9th, 2023, because nobody will be around on January 2nd, and January 16th is a federal holiday in the US.
  2. BTR will pick a name for the “Q” release in January via a ranked vote on options members nominate