2022-11-07 BTR Meeting notes


Nov 7, 2022


  • @Pierre Mailhot

  • @Adolfo Brandes

  • @Peter Pinch

  • @Maksim Sokolskiy



 Discussion topics









5 minutes

Action items update


Check progress on the previous meeting’s action items.

15 minutes

MFE candidate matrix

@Adolfo Brandes

We need to decide what to do about the new MFEs. None of them passed the bar fully.

15 minutes

Plugins update


  • Forum: @Ghassan Maslamani

    • @Kshitij Sobtijust put up a Ruby 3 test PR against the devstack: might be worth teaming up with him for this

  • Notes: @Jhony Avella

    • Upgraded and on the demo server

    • Maks says there’s an issue and hopes it will be fixed (it’s minor)

  • Indigo: @Régis Behmo

    • Upgraded and on the demo server

  • Android: @Régis Behmo

    • Upgraded!

    • There are issues that will be resolved

  • Discovery: @Régis Behmo

    • not upgraded yet

  • Ecommerce: @Régis Behmo

    • not upgraded yet

  • Code Jail: @Maria Grimaldi

    • We have a branch

    • Being tested/fixed

  • Xqueue: @Jhony Avella

    • Olive branch missing but will be created

  • Minio: @Sofiane Bebert

    • @Régis Behmo will check up on it

  • MFEs: @Adolfo Brandes

    • @Kyle McCormick “on it”

    • @Ghassan Maslamani would like further discussion

5 minutes

Testing update

@Dean Jay Mathew

Update on the status of testing.

  • Way ahead of schedule (pretty much all tests have been done)

  • Outstanding: things that were added after Nutmeg

  • @Maksim Sokolskiy, @Maria Grimaldi and ? are killing it

  • What else can we add to the test plan?

  • Python grading was blocked

  • If a plugin blocks tests, @Régis Behmo or the maintainer should be tagged

15 minutes

Issues on the board


Review new issues on the board, in particular:

5 minuutes

Some repo olive.master

@Ghassan Maslamani

From slack #build-test-release

while I was going over https://github.com/openedx/edx-app-android/tree/open-release/olive.master   olive.master commit logs, I found that the last commit hash of that branch date back to 27th of July comparing that with master https://github.com/openedx/edx-app-android/commits/master you see that are dozens of commits between July to October… Do you think there might be a glitch when branch cut happen to edx-app-android… i.e. The cut happen on not of the latest commit hashPS: I found that this is the case as well for https://github.com/openedx/edx-app-ios

This might relate to fix on

 Action items