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Comment: updating "tech core" --> "kernel"

See also: OEP-57 Update & Game Plan


tCRIL has been brainstorming about what “core” means, both from a technical perspective and a product/user perspective. The new Product WG’s charter tasks the WG with defining a Core Product Offering. The graphics below provide a visual representation of possible convergence and divergence between said Core Product Offering and a technical version of the platform core.

The end goal is to decide how the Core Product Offering should relate to:

  • a theoretical “kernel” (a.k.a. “technical core”)

  • theoretical outer rings of the product

    • for example: an “Extended Product Offering” made up of “Official Extensions”

  • what’s included & what’s enabled in named community releases

  • which components we support and at what level

  • the location and ownership of code repositories (not specifically mentioned in these graphics, but relevant)




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