Open edX Product Management

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For example, In the following pages, you will find:

  • Concept Docs/Concept Notes: Exploratory documents to articulate big picture visions, possible strategies, hopes and dreams

  • Discovery Artifacts: Collaborative documents to share findings and elicit feedback about discovery work on new Initiatives, features, enhancements.

  • Use Cases and Raw Market Data: To inform user-driven approaches to problems

  • Approach and Scope Specs: Collaborative documents to share specs and documentation around scope and approach, for contributions such as new features and enhancements.

  • Design Specs: Collaborative documents to share design documentation, such as UX designs and user journeys.

To add new documents:

  • Create a new sub-page under the Parent page for the relevant project

  • Give the sub-page a clear title, such as “Discovery Findings: Atomic Learning Units”

  • Goal or focus of the document

  • Link to the relevant ticket or epic on the Open edX Roadmap

  • Findings

  • Call to action - What kind of feedback or input do you seek?


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