Open edX Mobile

Included here are a series of pages and links for all things Open edX Mobile.

Open edX Mobile Roadmap - This is primarily maintained via a Github project, with detailed product / design requirements in linked Confluence pages.

The roadmap is being updated still, working on github permissions and other details to reflect current status fully.

Open edX Mobile Product Vision / Direction - A summary of our group’s high level direction and vision.

Development How To / Process - A summary of the team’s working discovery / development process.

Project Pages - Roadmap items all should use the same confluence template, (for now you can clone another mobile project page.) To view all project pages you can expand the section below.

Mobile Applications - Technology Documentation - Technology documentation generated to support projects that doesn’t necessarily have a home in the code repositories.

Github References - Mobile applications

All Mobile Product Pages - A full list of pages in this part of Confluence.