Open edX Mobile Product Vision / Direction

This page is a work in progress, and will be maintained / updates by the Mobile Product Working Group -

Future Open edX Mobile Experience


Concept Sketches


Concept Sketches

Access - Performance - Full Courses

We expect the Open edX mobile experience to focus on enabling high-quality learning in lower bandwidth and limited online access environments, expanding the platform’s reach to support learners across the globe with lightning-fast full courses in your pocket.


\We plan to add a few concept sketch / mockups to visually represent this future, including capabilities like full course downloads for offline viewing and improved offline catalog browse and search tools.


Holistic - Supportive - Goal-Driven - Coach

We expect the Open edX mobile experience to respond to a learner’s goals and learning objects more thoughtfully. Today the experience is built around content lists and depends on student self-direction and intrinsic motivation.

We believe the learning experience could be transformed if envisioned as a supportive coach and mentor that is aware of all your learning goals and targets, helping you balance and schedule learning activities to hit these goals even when you are enrolled in many learning opportunities.

Concept Sketches Below (More Coming Soon)

Visual reference for a course home experience focused on supporting next steps toward a student selected goal that the course experience is oriented around. Supportive updates from the system and instructors form the basis of a conversational home page to elevate motivating messages and a sense of instructor presence in the learning environment.

Current Open edX Mobile Experience

  • We are in the process of switching from our existing mobile applications to newly architected and rebuilt code repositories, open-sourced and maintained by Raccoon Gang.

  • We are focused on updating these new applications to make them more broadly used by the Open edX ecosystem. Today the cost for Open edX instance owners of maintaining and deploying custom mobile applications is high, but we hope to change that with initiatives focused:

  • We are also looking at adding some features and capabilities in the legacy mobile applications that are not yet built into the new open edx mobile applications, and these efforts are listed in the Mobile Roadmap -