Open edX Mobile Roadmap


The primary roadmap is maintained on Github here:

This page lists project pages, all of which should generally align to a Roadmap project. The table below shows recently modified pages at the top, though you can also navigate directly to other child pages of this page.

Active Initiative List

Roadmap Initiatives without Project Pages

Learning Credential Storage

  • (FC-0025) Learning Credentials storage

Social Connection & Community Presence

  • Connected Learning - Duolingo

  • External Community - Codecademy

  • Improved Discussion Experience

Additional Content Blocks

  • Expanded Mobile Content Block Support - ScormXBlock

  • (others from survey)


  • In-context upsells

Mobile Authoring Stats & Visibility

  • Visibility into mobile experience completeness for content blocks

Minor Experience Updates / Items






In-App Webviews for Terms of Service / Privacy Policy (instead of Chrome redirect)

Profile / Account

Split Profile + Account Views, uncommon / unclear pattern used currently

Multi Catalog Support

Moved out of the Multi-Tenant exploration (Learning Site selection) to its own item in the roadmap / extended backlog