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15 Minutes

Open edX Piral Demo

Pedro Martello

Presentation of the Open edX Piral POC demonstrating how to implement a Piral shell to load MFEs into a single page app context. For background see: FC-0007 - Modular MFE Domains Discovery

5 minutes

Palm update

Adolfo Brandes

  • eduNext has volunteered to maintain frontend-app-communications!

  • That leaves ora-grading: still on Adolfo’s plate…

  • … learner-dashboard: somebody needs to write an experimental plugin for it…

  • … and the Node 18 update: it’s also on Adolfo’s plate to figure out what’s blocking that

    • Jeremy: it’s unblocked now (TL;DR - frontend-enterprise has release automation that currently doesn’t work with the CLA check, but there’s a manual workaround now)

1 minute

react-router & React upgrades

Jeremy Bowman

These are coming after the Node 18 upgrade concludes

5 minutes

Deprecating more legacy UI code

Jeremy Bowman

We want to do more coordination and planning for replacing legacy UI code with MFEs; the DEPR WG meetings are the currently proposed venue for conversations around this.