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\uD83D\uDDE3 Discussion topics

New meeting schedule - issues/feedback?

Blocked bug - completion.enable_completion_tracking waffle flag






Xavier Antoviaque

Comment during the meeting, or async at


Jorge Londoño? (Pinged by Natalia in forum discussion)

How do we make sure strings in frontend-app-communications are sent to Transifex?

Pierre Mailhot

(and frontend-app-course-authoring, and frontend-lib-content-components that is using it)

Review needed on opaque keys PR

Braden MacDonald

  • Looking for a couple of additional outside reviewers

✅ Action items:

  • Maria will review, Stefania will ask Ghassan and Alexz will try to get someone from Raccoon Gang.

Maintainership phase 3

Follow-up from last meeting:

✅ Action items from the last meeting:

  • Jorge Londoño to reach out to Ed to explore how the community can better support the maintainer program Phase Three.

Additional question:

Are all the members of this program contributors? Is that a prerequisite or not?

A: We have made some folks CC’s on a “fast track” to support taking over maintaining repos that don’t have a maintainer. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, but it’s usually non-controversial for repos that are currently without a maintainer.

PR Review Delays

Xavier Antoviaque

Created summary & action items from the discussion thread - do you agree? any takers?

Site Operations module for the Dev Onboarding course (by Sarina Canelake): “This would be a high level overview of how to get a site running with Tutor. If these instructions exist in any form could someone point me at them?” (ref)

Some work discussed by Matjaz Gregoric and Lawrence McDaniel at

✅ Action items from the last meeting:

  • Jorge Londoño to reach out to Regis regarding the Tutor documentation for the Site Operations Module.

  • Edward Zarecor suggests that we create an outline for the proposed course similar to what was done for the demo course.

TOC Decision Requests: Looking for suggestions, comments and questions about OEP-63

Xavier Antoviaque

Without familiarity with the specific issue, Jorge encouraged the team members to review the thread for better insights before the next discussion.

✅ Action items from the last meeting:

  •  Edward Zarecor to review in the next 2 days to try to finalize this OEP.