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  • Users currently equate “Content Libraries” with the randomized content functionality, rather than robust reuse possibilities. This is a very limited view of Libraries, both in terms of new V2 functionality and the plans for a more robust future.

  • This challenge may be compounded by releasing the new Library block with a confusing UI, and users may not grok that the new release includes expanded functionality to reuse components statically.

  • The fact that users still need to create multiple libraries each time they want to randomize a new pool of content is a barrier to the strategic vision for Libraries as more centralized hubs for content management and content reuse.

  • Migrating all V1 Libraries to V2 in one fell swoop could result in bugs and create more frustration for Library users who are already dissatisfied with the current Library experience.

Messaging the V2 launch

Update as of Dec 2023 - From an Open edX perspective, we may not publicize the release at all, and rather focus on making improvements for a community release in Redwood.