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\uD83E\uDD45 Goals

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Action Items

Quince release

  • Confirming working group roles

  • Backlog refinement guidelines

  • Risk management

Jorge Londoño

  1. Chair: Jorge Londoño

  2. Release manager: Maksim Sokolskiy

  3. Release testing coordinator

  4. Quality assurance manager: Pierre Mailhot

  5. Release documentation expert: Chris Patti

  6. Bug triagers: Maria Grimaldi Ghassan Maslamani

  7. Security patcher: Maga Jaimes

  • Getting someone engaged from the product working group for the release testing coordinator role, or at least, the testing process

  • Jorge Londoño has reached out to Dean Jay Mathew who has confirmed he is available as Coordinator.

  • Jorge Londoño getting in touch with Adolfo Brandes to confirm which MFEs will be included in Quince

  • Jorge Londoño scheduling cutting branches session

¿Is the release manager in charge of the translations for the new release?

Maksim Sokolskiy

Jorge Londoño will add some additional notes after watching the meeting recording

⤴ Decisions

  • Since 09/10 will be a holiday in several countries, we’ve decided to move the branch-cutting session to Tuesday 10/10.