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The existing Tutor Indigo theme plugin faces significant drawbacks due to its lack of visual appeal. These issues hinder user engagement on the platform and disrupt the seamless navigation and adaptation for users.

Modules covered 

Here is a complete diagram of the modules that are impacted with the revamp project:  

  1. Registration & Sign in 

  2. Dashboard 

  3. Header content / menu options 

  4. Footer and links 

  5. View and search course(s)

  6. Featured courses 

  7. Course Progress 

  8. Course About / Details and outline 

  9. Begin and start course / Learning MFE

  10. Discussion forum 

Use cases covered 

  1. New user signs up without activating their account or logging out 

  2. User with no courses enrolled

  3. User with 1 course enrolled 

  4. User with 2 courses enrolled 

  5. Viewing course without enrolling it 

  6. Viewing course after enrolling it 

  7. User is resuming the course 

  8. User completes the course 

  9. User participates in the discussion forum 

  10. Studio user logins and setups the course 

User sign up 

-> Visual changes to the register and sign in screen

-> white padding can be reduced 

-> header improvements on mobile 

-> Inclusion of a footer with FAQs, support/help, privacy policy, about, and open source links

-> It should state how many failed attempts are allowed 

-> It should state after how long can the user attempt to login again 


User dashboard (new user)

-> Header improvement 

-> About should be in the header

-> Help should be in the footer 

-> Footer change and footer links (detailed below) 

-> User profile icon should be improved 

-> explore courses should be more compelling 

-> Activate your account should not take up so much space. Maybe a smaller top banner 

-> Search filter should be improved 

-> Instead of “You are not enrolled in any courses yet.” change the wording to, “Discover a world of knowledge with our exciting courses - get started today!” 

-> Improve the button of Explore Courses


Tutor- Course About - Vanilla (2).pngImage RemovedUser dashboard with 1 course enrolled

-> the settings button is actually the un-enroll button, this needs to be updated 

-> View Course should not be enclosed in a button, this should be simpler 

-> My Courses should be bold and coherent with all other headings 

-> Search your Courses should be improved 


View courses page 

-> “Viewing 2 courses” should be changed

-> If no course image, there should be a placeholder instead of a broken image

-> Search filter needs to be improved 

-> Refine your search to be improved 

-> Modes, org, language are bolded - unclear demarcation 

-> Courses has disappeared from the menu header 

-> Refine your search and courses cards are not aligned

screencapture-local-overhang-io-courses-2023-11-07-11_02_56 1.pngImage Added

Learn More - Course Details page /About course page

-> Complete revamp of this page

-> The upper section shouldnt be boxed up ≠

-> Breadcrumbs should also be visible 

-> Same headings and other coherent elements

-> Social media links should not be at the top like that 

-> A lot of white padding needs to be improved

-> FAQs section should be more concise and compact 

-> There’s an outline of the course image, this is also not coherent with everything else

-> Menu item in the header is also not consistent


Tutor- Course Detail - Vanilla (1).png