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Edx-platform Node JS Upgrade

  • "webpack v4 and selenium webdriver dependency. BOM tried to do this work, but has stopped doing it after running into dependency upgrade blockers (selenium driver issues and underscore tests).”

  • Blocked by

  • edx-analytics-dashboard repos are not yet upgraded, being worked by the 2U owning team.

Previous Todos Updates

  • 2U to update catalog-info.yaml file in the next few days for the things that they will maintain. This will also come with updated team names.

  • Feanil Patel to follow up with Awais Q about python 3.12 PRs and whether they have been created or not across the org.

  • Kyle to have more info on the libsass upgrade soon.

  • Feanil Patel to follow-up about Node upgrade tickets with Adolfo

  • Redwood Testing Expectations

Feanil Patel

  • BTR will find bugs during a release but what are the expectations of the maintainers?

  • Redwood Release Testing Strategy (Draft)

    • Point 8 in particular

    • Is this different from existing expectations for bugs. Mostly re-iterating for alignment.

    • There is a concern that we can’t respond quickly enough to all tests.

  • What do we do when a release critical bug is found very late in the release process, do we keep the existing triage SLA or can we accelerate it during the late stages of the release.

    • We will codify that around the release process there will be an expectation that maintainers will be available more readily to triage, fix and review bug fixes.

      • If the maintainer is not available, we can seek help from CC but the expectation is for maintainers to communicate their availability or lack thereof.

  • Note For BTR: Bugs from releases should be reported as issues on the relevant repo for maintainers to be able to see them.

Forums Testing Help

Feanil Patel

  • Maksim Sokolskiy can help test the ruby update. Feanil to send Max the branch for this.


Repo Interest and Catalog

  • What’s the state of repo interest → ownership.

  • Let’s start with nominations for maintenance for any repos that your org is interested in.

    • 1 Week response time.

    • Felipe and team will start this process.

Tutor Master Releases

Robert Raposa

Has there been any conversation about a live master release of tutor that we have running to find issues more quickly?

  • PR sandboxes that Axim is testing is gonna be using tutor under the hood and will provide some of this testing.

  • No current known plans to create a persistent tutor deployment off of master.

edx-platform Maintenance Discussion

  • libsass - Kyle to come back with more info next week.

    • libsass is used to compile themes for legacy frontends.

      • We used an outdated version of a deprecated library.

        • It breaks in a trivial way in 3.10

        • Options

          • Update to a newer version of the deprecated library. (Hard, Expensive)

          • For libsass-python and make the one fix for now.

            • Long-lived fork until we deprecate the old frontends or fix forward correctly.


  • Mongo Upgrade Testing - We should update the container for the hosted runner to have both versions of Mongo and then pick a different one during testing. This is the arbi-bom recommendation.

    • Need to do the Mongo 5 upgrade, can’t just skip to 6

      • Docs said this is required so we have to incrementally run through all of this.

      • Upgrade Version Path To upgrade an existing MongoDB deployment to 6.0, you must be running a 5.0-series release. To upgrade from a version earlier than the 5.0-series, you must successively upgrade major releases until you have upgraded to 5.0-series. For example, if you are running a 4.4-series, you must upgrade first to 5.0 before you can upgrade to 6.0.

      • Open question: Can we have Tutor run through all the version upgrades or can we only go to Mongo 5 as a part of redwood.

        • We should be able to do this in Tutor.

      • It might not make sense to do this in terms of capacity since there are a bunch of other things we want to upgrade.

        • If we can’t get to 6 by Redwood, we’d have to go to 6 in Redwood.2 which is not something we have precedent for but may be necessary.

    • Chintan was able to run Mongo 7 with edx-platform and cs_comment_service for a client without any issue.

  • Devstack - Interest in taking over devstack and do 2U specific things.

    • We should re-announce the DEPR as a part of that.


  •  Feanil Patel to help find someone to help un-block the Node 16-> 18 upgarde in edx-platform
  •  Feanil Patel to help prioritize various edx-platform upgrade work so we have a better understanding of what’s feasible by Redwood.
  •  Feanil Patel to follow-up about Node upgrade tickets with Adolfo
  •  Feanil Patel to follow up with Awais Q about python 3.12 PRs and whether they have been created or not across the org.