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The Sumac Relaunch will focus on overcoming the current barrier of needing to create a new Library for every new content set by enabling Libraries to support many Collections within them. This is akin to how a Library works in real life; there is a section of shelves for the Science Fiction Collection, another for the History Collection, another for the Cooking Collection, and all of these Collections live within the same Library. In the same way, authors will be able to Collections within Libraries, for example problem banks for a particular course or based on a more general subject, or a collection of videos on a certain topic. Libraries will support all component types (problems, videos, text). We will make drastic improvements to the Library UI, with better content management tools like the ability to add tags to content. We will also make drastic improvements to the “Use Existing Content” workflows in Courses, making it easier for authors to choose content from their Libraries to reuse, and to make central updates to content from the Library and sync those updates to courses where the content is being used. This will include both static content reuse and the ability to randomize. This phase will also include a plan to migrate old V1 Libraries into the new Library environment/infrastructure.

Each of the epics linked below contain detailed user stories, specs and requirements.