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Start Recording

libsass PRs

Kyle McCormick

two med-risk merges to help with python upgrade:

Python 3.11

Feanil Patel

Feanil knows of 4-5 requirements that are in the edx org.

  • Right now (for Redwood), Feanil needs 2U to upgrade those to Python 3.11 (or pull them out).

  • Longer term (Sumac?), either they will need to be removed from the base requirements , or moved into openedx org.

Ticket tracking edx-platform Python 3.11 upgrade:

  • Looks like we have most of them covered

  • Progress on Py311 in edx-platform--managed to get 311 tests passing on a branch (with mongo 7)

    • Just unit tests for now, Feanil will swap pylint/quality/assets next

    • Feanil will pull edx-platform code changes out into a separate PR so we can land those sooner

    • static assets check will fail on 311 until libsass PRs (above) merge

    • Feanil check on xblock==2 upgrade with aximprovements

  • If feanil has not been answer your email lately, this upgrade is why (smile)

codejail sandbox update/question

  • kyle will:

    • freeze quince.txt asap

    • start generating redwood.txt, which can consume scipy/numpy upgrades, to become compatible with 3.11 soon

    • add this to the community release process so we can do it every release

  • recommendation for operators with monitoring: swap to redwood.txt (py311 sandbox) soon, fall back to quince.txt (py38 sandbox) as necessary and fix instructor code

Recap Previous TODOS

Python 3.11/3.12 upgrade.

Reminder Other Services Also need the Python upgrade:

  • The list is roughly in priority order from Feanil’s perspective.

  • Where possible we should aim for 3.12 to begin with.

Goal for Sumac: All released services should have a maintainer.



  • Waiting on new releases of frontend-build/frontend-platform

    • forntend-build alpha release has the design tokens and typescript work in it and the jest and react upgrade.

      • Alpha’s getting big, there is concern about landing.

    • Paragon Upgrade

      • Paragon 23 will be breaking and have design tokens work.

      • Paragon 22 will still be supported.

  • What’s left before we can land the frontend-build/frontend-platform changes?

✅ Action items

  •  Feanil Patel Make an empty owner team so that we can assign it when we don’t have an owner.