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Apr 4, 2024


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libsass PRs

@Kyle McCormick

two med-risk merges to help with python upgrade:

Python 3.11

@Feanil Patel

Feanil knows of 4-5 requirements that are in the edx org.

  • Right now (for Redwood), Feanil needs 2U to upgrade those to Python 3.11 (or pull them out).

  • Longer term (Sumac?), either they will need to be removed from the base requirements , or moved into openedx org.

Ticket tracking edx-platform Python 3.11 upgrade: https://github.com/openedx/edx-platform/issues/34229

  • Looks like we have most of them covered

  • Progress on Py311 in edx-platform--managed to get 311 tests passing on a branch (with mongo 7)

    • Just unit tests for now, Feanil will swap pylint/quality/assets next

    • Feanil will pull edx-platform code changes out into a separate PR so we can land those sooner

    • static assets check will fail on 311 until libsass PRs (above) merge

    • Feanil check on xblock==2 upgrade with aximprovements

  • If feanil has not been answer your email lately, this upgrade is why

codejail sandbox update/question


  • kyle will:

    • freeze quince.txt asap

    • start generating redwood.txt, which can consume scipy/numpy upgrades, to become compatible with 3.11 soon

    • add this to the community release process so we can do it every release

  • recommendation for operators with monitoring: swap to redwood.txt (py311 sandbox) soon, fall back to quince.txt (py38 sandbox) as necessary and fix instructor code

Recap Previous TODOS


  • Improving Comunity Project Management/Maintainer Docs

    • There is a post for a 3rd community project manager.

    • Most of the docs have been compiled but we need to figure out how to make it easier to find.

      • Maybe improve the bot messaging.

      • Also talking about improving the bot messaging.

        • Open-craft will try to get contribute updates here soon.

  • Question about 3rd community Comms Person

    • Tim and Michelle have certain rights, will the new person need them?

      • Role Definition:

  • 2U catalog-info.yaml Updates and Empty Owner

    • Jeremy filed an issue for Axim and we’ll look into it to come up with an answer.

Python 3.11/3.12 upgrade.


Reminder Other Services Also need the Python upgrade:

  • The list is roughly in priority order from Feanil’s perspective.

  • Where possible we should aim for 3.12 to begin with.

Goal for Sumac: All released services should have a maintainer.



  • Waiting on new releases of frontend-build/frontend-platform

    • forntend-build alpha release has the design tokens and typescript work in it and the jest and react upgrade.

      • Alpha’s getting big, there is concern about landing.

    • Paragon Upgrade

      • Paragon 23 will be breaking and have design tokens work.

      • Paragon 22 will still be supported.

  • What’s left before we can land the frontend-build/frontend-platform changes?

    • Just need a final review and approval from @Adolfo Brandes

 Action items

@Feanil Patel Make an empty owner team so that we can assign it when we don’t have an owner.


  1. The community release process will now involve adding a quince.txt, redwood.txt, etc. Python requirements file to edx-platform/requirements/edx-sandbox, giving operators better control over their codejail sandbox upgrades.

Recording and Transcript


edx-platform Maintenance  Sub-Group (2024-04-04 09:03 GMT-4) - Transcript


Adolfo Brandes, Chintan Joshi, Feanil Patel, Feanil Patel's Presentation, Felipe Montoya, Jeremy Ristau, Kyle McCormick, Maksim Sokolskiy, Maria Grimaldi, Michelle Philbrick, Piotr Surowiec, Tim Krones, Yagnesh nayi


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Feanil Patel: Okay.

Feanil Patel: How's that the agenda items share? Not extreme.

Feanil Patel: to

Kyle McCormick: Yeah, should I go ahead? Cool. I think this is most an FYI for you Jeremy.

Feanil Patel: yeah, go for Kyle.

Kyle McCormick: The first one of those is a request that I Sent to you earlier mentioning that it could be tested with the theme.

Kyle McCormick: And the next one is just some follow-up. That is probably less risk. In fact, I'm gonna say the first one is medium risk. The second one is low risk.

Jeremy Ristau: Okay, what is risk look like to you?

Kyle McCormick: what risks looks like to me is I think the best failure case is your deployment pipeline fails and you notice immediately and revert immediately the worst. Case is there is subtle theming bugs that are hard to notice.

Kyle McCormick: Yeah, do you remember six months ago or so there were a couple Oddities like this button is darker than it used to be things like that. That's the type of stuff that I've tried to prevent here, but is really hard to test because I can't look at everything in the world.

Jeremy Ristau: Okay.

Kyle McCormick: So given that do you have preferences.

Jeremy Ristau: But we're like worst case scenario. We're talking about the styling issues not functionality issues.

Kyle McCormick: Yes, yes. In fact, I think functionality issues are very unlikely here because this is Purely CSS changes. So unless something is style The style is so messed up that actually hides the component.

Feanil Patel: right Yeah.

Jeremy Ristau: Right like black text or something. Yeah. Makes sense. Okay. Thanks for the heads up.

Kyle McCormick: That I don't think it would be. right

Kyle McCormick: Yeah, do you have any timing preferences on those?

Jeremy Ristau: 20 30 Okay.

Feanil Patel: preference is noted and ignored

Jeremy Ristau: we're just preferences that we're walking out of a cat one that kept reappearing for the past several days, but I think that it is done with now so I would probably say at your discretion

Kyle McCormick: Got it, then. I would probably do it. right after this meeting just an excellent as the amount of data and we have to notice anything.

Jeremy Ristau: sounds good.

Kyle McCormick: Thanks, and I'd probably look at first ones for a day before doing the other one. there tomorrow or Monday

Jeremy Ristau: And you'll put them.

Kyle McCormick: actually Yep, that'll go in the CC Channel.

Jeremy Ristau: Excellent. Thank you.

Kyle McCormick: No problem.

Feanil Patel: I've got a couple of updates and just pulling up the relevant issues now, but the edx platform upgrade issue which I will link in a moment now has a list of every Library. that the edx platform

Feanil Patel: the theater platform repo needs upgraded in order to sort of be confident that it's not going to cause any issues in the subcomponent. That is in the next board. I think there are a couple of libraries in the edx OR which I haven't gotten to yet, but that are currently by default installed that need to also get upgraded or need to be validated or tested for those functionalities to work Jeremy flagging this for you because I think those are mostly components that you are features that I probably cares a decent amount but think aren't really on by default in the major course experience.

Feanil Patel: You can find that.

Jeremy Ristau: But they are. But they are.

Feanil Patel: appearance stalled by default

Jeremy Ristau: Okay, so they are part of the core product, but they exist inside of the edx organization.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. Yeah, this is on a list of things that I'm like this needs to not be installed by default, but I haven't gotten to that yet. So for now we're stuck with they need to come in and…

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah. Gotcha.

Feanil Patel: get upgraded but hopefully once the python. Stuff lands we can sort of focus on cleaning that up pretty quickly after.

Jeremy Ristau: and just for my own edification the answer in your mind for all of those is not install them rather than pull them into the open edx org because they're not


Feanil Patel: That's an open question. I think for most of those that requires looking at what they do a little bit more closely than I'm able to at the moment and so it's probably like this one should move but this one probably needs to be a plugin that gets installed separately kind of a thing.

Jeremy Ristau: Okay.

Feanil Patel: There's only four or five so it shouldn't take long to do with the right people, but that's just follow-up that we need to do. To make future releases a little bit simpler.

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: 

Feanil Patel: parents

Jeremy Ristau: and I think Just for what's written in the notes? You are not looking at those requirements, but you want to

Feanil Patel: Yes, we will need to at some point. Look at those if somebody on the to use I can start because they are over there anyway, rge changes to them. And I think if I make pull requests you can't accept them. legal reasons you guys will need to do that work. So I would love for you guys to look at it and figure that pull them out if that's the easier piece of work, but presumably you want them to work with python 311

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, I mean the edx related repos are being handled by RV bomb. So I assumed that will take Europe that's for python not for evaluate whether they

Feanil Patel: All right.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah. That part I'm happy to help with and have a dog in that fight.

Jeremy Ristau: but

Feanil Patel: It's making sure that it doesn't break the python upgrade that I want to make sure that you guys have an eyeball on.

Kyle McCormick: I've got it right now that the thing you need from them right now is to do the python upgrade or remove them.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, and I think we can probably tackle them all before the sumac and 312 upgrade. It's just we need 311 working so we don't need three 12 over there.

Jeremy Ristau: Do you have the list of them?

Feanil Patel: I don't off the top my head, but I can get that to you after the meeting. Do you want to add it?

Jeremy Ristau: I saw I thought the link was going in the notes, but I see it's in the chat.

Feanil Patel: so that I put it in the notes as well. That's the link to all of the libraries in the open. Edx or actually, yeah. Yes.

Feanil Patel: I can maybe pull that off. Okay?

Jeremy Ristau: I'm fairly confident that whatever list you're pulling will be included in the list. We already have trust but verify. Yeah.

Feanil Patel: Just yeah, I think it got plot very when I rebooted I'll grab a few afterwards. I did a run of the dependency finder to get a list of All the URLs, but it puts it in temp in a way that I wish it didn't but I need to fix that later.

Kyle McCormick: Agree, it controls a couple times. I think you might have actually overwritten the table. cool

Feanil Patel: thanks. Sorry about that.

Feanil Patel: Okay, so that should be Yeah, so that ticket is the one tracking the python 311 upgrade and that is in pretty good shape now I would say there is a pull it up.

Kyle McCormick: he listened to

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah.


Jeremy Ristau: 

Feanil Patel: Okay for some reason my camera. Is dead. I'm sorry just cracked on me.

Feanil Patel: It's again.

Feanil Patel: that other day.

Feanil Patel: The other piece of good news that I was about to share is that yesterday. I did actually make good progress on the python 311 testing in edx platform. And was able to get the Test passing for 311 for all the tests that run in edx platform.

Feanil Patel: The note I will make is that they're against Mongo 7 Jeremy not against Mongo 4. I assume that's okay, but given that the four to seven upgrade wasn't anything major but note that the configuration that you guys are currently running is not being tested just To save on some Cycles because I didn't like it's already 81 checks running on here. And if I had added mango For plus the newer versions of python, that would have blown it up even further. And since the official tests the official version of Mongo for Redwood is going to be seven. That's what I focused on. But I'm hoping you guys are on seven by then. which is like You…

Jeremy Ristau: I doubt it. Yeah, but me.

Feanil Patel: I think so, I can turn those on and just identify just in case but it'll just make the test a little bit bigger.

Feanil Patel: Yes, actually I'm gonna attack you just to make sure I didn't miss anything on here part of this I think I'm gonna need to break this up into a couple of different Pull request because I had to unpin sci-fi and upgrade sci-fi numpy as a part of this and those sort of prerequisites. I think we want to do slightly differently make sure that we upgrade them for the base sandbox, for the base requirements but not for the sandbox requirements. Right now this that's not done here.

Kyle McCormick: yep, let's

Feanil Patel: So there may be some.

Feanil Patel: there's some further reading of how we do the early bits of this but all of the Test passing and all the test are Fix commits on here. So it should hopefully be you guys can't see that it is in the wrong window.

Feanil Patel: Better there we go. Now you Anyway,…

Kyle McCormick: yeah. cool

Feanil Patel: just add a new on here as reviewers. You can take a look make sure I didn't miss anything. Not like last time…

Kyle McCormick: nice

Feanil Patel: where I was it's working and I was like, it didn't actually run the test on python 311 this time. I'm fairly confident that it's on python 311

Kyle McCormick: Do you know if it's just unit tests?

Feanil Patel: as opposed to

Kyle McCormick: pilot quality checks and static assets

Feanil Patel: it's all of the checks. So quality piline static assets. Everything else is green.

Kyle McCormick: But are those running on python 3.11?

Feanil Patel: that's a good question. I will check on that. I think it's just the unit test is what I was messing with for now. So we probably need to switch those other things to 311 unless concerned about those but it is good point that we should check those and get those updated.

Kyle McCormick: Yep.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah, it was just the CI but they're the unit test that I wanted to really make sure we didn't miss anything on.

Kyle McCormick: yeah, that's the mountain the other or a couple hotels next to the mountain.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah what we can get those up and running. Yeah, so that's good news. I think we're in that puts us in good shape for two weeks from now when we want to be landing this. I'm hoping that we can get the rest of the libraries over the line. Most of them have pull requests. I think at this point. so really the bottleneck is reviewing those pull requests and getting them released and then getting them make upgraded in edx platform.

Feanil Patel: And I've been doing that dance the last week or so just helping people get those released and getting them into X platform and doing a upgrade package since I think the requirements upgrade stuff is still outstanding but close to landing at this point.

Feanil Patel: but even then I think those are weekly updates and I kind of want to get these package updates and sooner so that we can get them. of the line and now that I think about it, I think most of these test fixes. we can probably merge without emerging the Sci-Fi numpy and those bits so maybe I'll carve these out as a separate pull request and even if you're not running python 311 They'll all pass on 3/8 so we can just get those changes merged and tested on 38 at least make sure I didn't make any functionality breakage.


Kyle McCormick: those are fixes to unit tests that you've done in this PR

Feanil Patel: Yeah, So there are things to make them more 311 compatible,…

Kyle McCormick: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: but they're not breaking 3/8 so we can land those sooner just to shrink the size of what's left to do.

Kyle McCormick: sweet

Kyle McCormick: so that those are basically the edx platform codebase upgrade to 311.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, Exactly. So it's things like

Feanil Patel: yeah, like removing this deprecated call and Updating where this hatchable gets imported from because collections rejected itself. Take some of the mocking…

Kyle McCormick: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: because it's slightly different.

Feanil Patel: The CSV flight module changed how it reads bad CSV files now, so it doesn't error like we used to on certain characters.

Kyle McCormick: cool

Feanil Patel: of weird random stuff like that, but it's all stuff that will work in 38 and So I can just carve those fixes. This side effects is out and get that as a PR up for three eight.

Kyle McCormick: cool so

Kyle McCormick: If you managed to beat me to it, if you switch the static acid check over to 311. You'll see it failing until I merge those cprs. I linked earlier, so don't forget when you see that.

Feanil Patel: Got it. Cool awesome.

Kyle McCormick: and you know that the regular Weekly upgrade pis are blocked right now on the Xbox too.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and…

Kyle McCormick: Okay, cool.

Feanil Patel: I've been reviewing the two dotto upgrade PR for eritza who's been trying to get that over the line. I'm going to speak to them after this so I can get a update on that and make sure that I think last I looked at We're pretty close. So I just need to make sure that we can land it might even be today.

Kyle McCormick: sweet

Feanil Patel: Which we can capture.

Kyle McCormick: And when you're ready, let's talk a little bit more about the Coachella sandbox.

Feanil Patel: Let's do it. I think there's a major updates I have on the 311 upgrade.

Feanil Patel: All in all I think mostly good news. We're just gonna need to make sure we cross our teeth and Dot our eyes on that in the next couple weeks, but I kind of put everything else on the back burner so we can land this. Which means if you're expecting other things from me. Assume that they're going to be slow. Just cuz unfortunately, it takes a lot of wall clock time and it's hard to switch context between this and other stuff.

Kyle McCormick: I thought Taking everything ill.

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: But hopefully Post Redwood. More of the CC stuff and more of the maintenance stuff can be higher priority again.

Kyle McCormick: cool

Kyle McCormick: Jeremy. Did you have anything to ask about that for a dividend that the code Joe stuff?

Jeremy Ristau: No, I mean my questions are. Probably for the next half an hour.

Kyle McCormick: right So Kyle Jones and box. I liked to get there that I'm gonna be using for that. I don't think it'll take long. I think it could totally do it in the next week.


Feanil Patel: awesome

Kyle McCormick: Just to make sure that I have the right strategy in my head. My understanding is that as soon as the list of packages is compatible with python 311 we essentially want to freeze the sandbox requirements text file the pi 3A does text.

Feanil Patel: Okay. Yeah,

Kyle McCormick: start writing to a pi 311 one.

Feanil Patel: I think that won't be possible. So I think we don't want to do that. I think the thing we want to do is because here the issue is that the Sci-Fi and numpy packages. Will get upgraded even for three 11 support. And that's the thing that we think we were trying to avoid is getting the numpy packages updated. So unfortunately I think while the name of that file is Pine three eight. I think with that file is Quince Frozen or whatever.

Kyle McCormick: Okay.

Feanil Patel: And what we want to do is make a new one, which is Redwood Frozen.

Kyle McCormick: Yeah, that sounds good. I mean instead of calling them Pi 311 or you cool with calling them like Redwood dot text or quintetx and redwood.text

Feanil Patel: Yeah, exactly like box Dash points and sandbox Dash Redwood or whatever. Yeah, whatever.

Kyle McCormick: yeah, and I can simulate by three eight to the Quince one just in case anyone's using that.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, exactly. I think the Ansible tooling that edx platform still deploys from for is probably still using that. But yeah,…

Kyle McCormick: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: I think that's the way to go because I think that's actually what it means right which is like what because we're gonna want to essentially be able to have release notes notes for the sandboxes be like if you wrote python code in your course the version of the libraries that you wrote against are changing. Here's the version it in Queens. in Redwood. Here's the version that's gonna be in sumac that's how we want to keep track of it moving forward. It's just that I don't think we had the time to think through that before.

Kyle McCormick: Makes sense. Do we need to be making those files in each release Branch or could we instruct people Just use the requirements text file from previous releases. that could get weird because then they'd have to download the Repository. Now this makes sense given that should I make Quint text.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah.

Kyle McCormick: Equal to what? It was in Quinta 3.

Feanil Patel: No, I think you should make it equal to what it is now because I think there's a sort of higher level variant of this which is I think what we want to do is Those to the major version so that minor versions and fixes can still be picked up. Would be ideal right but I don't think that we have the tooling to do that easily today.

Kyle McCormick: right

Feanil Patel: but yeah, I think you should just keep it what's currently on Master. We should consider Quint stop text. and then

Kyle McCormick: Okay.

Feanil Patel: what I mean, essentially we should freeze that to whatever today is and then any new updates should go into the Redwood dot text.

Kyle McCormick: Yeah easy.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, okay.

Kyle McCormick: And Redwood dot text will get these sci-fi numpy upgrades and be totally compatible with python 311 within the next couple weeks. That's good.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, And that way we can say if there is an upgrade to the sandbox. If you wish to continue to use the old one here. This will remain until sumac is cut. And then it'll disappear. And you should switch to this Redwood one between now and Wednesday. Mac is cut.

Kyle McCormick: And I can write that down in the community release notes that we just kind of have this rolling process of having a new top textile.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, exactly.

Kyle McCormick: I Love You release

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Kyle McCormick: sounds good.

Feanil Patel: cool

Feanil Patel: And that way we'll have sort of the one that is like you should switch the one that matches your current release as quickly as possible, but you don't need to switch to it. Immediately so that you can give instructors timed update code if necessary or at least be online when the instructor code changes. and that's probably a thing Jeremy that you guys will have to plan for which is Switching from that Old file to the new file as a thing. You should do sooner rather than later just for security purposes, but you probably want to do it in a way where somebody can monitor I think honestly the easiest way to do this in my opinion, which is not always the nicest way which is like you should ship the new thing and you'll start seeing the failures in your monitoring and you can usually go fix them.


Feanil Patel: Because they tend to be fairly minor in the code without the instructors having to worry about it. So you only run into a handful of failures as people are trying to use that code. I don't think you'll be able to fix all of the back catalog of code.

Feanil Patel: But you probably do also want to inform your instructors that this change happened.

Jeremy Ristau: And Kyle you're talking about this next week.

Kyle McCormick: Within the next week. I will have text available nothing. Breaking will change for you guys. So that's just the time that you could start doing this.

Feanil Patel: Right, you'll have basically until sumac to do this until October. So hopefully that gives you guys some Runway…

Jeremy Ristau: Okay.

Kyle McCormick: right

Feanil Patel: but my recommendation is, given that it's communication and telling instructors things and having them make changes. You'll probably want most of that Runway sadly.

Jeremy Ristau: we're also not really going to be able to tell them what to look for or What the specific changes are just like we've got another version Look Out.

Feanil Patel: the

Feanil Patel: No, you will be able to because you can look at that. You can get the change for sci-fi Numb by which are the major changes, but you can also get the change log for most of the other things and summarize them for them. Sci-fi and numpy in particular have really good braking compatibility notes in their change in their release notes. So you should be able to say if you're using numpy, here's a list of things that changed or broken. You can hear the website. You can go look to look more information and hopefully the people who are using numpy in their code are able to read release notes, that's the assumption.

Kyle McCormick: You think I'm good on that? I'll keep you updated.

Feanil Patel: All right loop back up to the top.

Feanil Patel: So we can start the next meeting. good morning and evening and afternoon everybody.

Feanil Patel: I hope your weather is better than mine. It's half raining over here, which is pretty awful looking

Feanil Patel: But anyway, let's move through welcome to the maintenance working group meeting. It is being recorded.

Feanil Patel: people in just a quick recap. a previous to news

Feanil Patel: Jeremy were you able to communicate with Jenna about the maintenance product roadmap items? I believe those are all over there. I have a list from her of things that need to get connected to other tickets, but there should be a red map item for all of the maintenance issues now.

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, she mentioned that there's an upgrades Tab and that will have a master ticket for each of these kinds of things. so

Feanil Patel: Alright, I think we're gonna Mark that done.

Feanil Patel: I did not write this how to yet. But I did to all of the people I think who needed that help so chintan. I think you are unblocked on making those changes for the most part. I need to write. Something more higher level. Yeah, and I think everybody else who's working on those so far has what they need, but I think a checklist for future upgrades might be useful so I might work on that later anyway, but I think it's lower priority.


Feanil Patel: Kyle you've looked into the code jail upgrade plan. I think we just talked a little bit more about it. But I think that can probably be marked on. Yeah.

Kyle McCormick: Yep, and if anybody's curious there's a bunch of notes from the previous part of this meeting.

Feanil Patel: and I believe I have cross-reference and most of the owners have Associated themselves with the tickets in this addict platform upgrade tickets. So for those who are curious, there's a master ticket for FedEx platforms python 311 upgrade with a ticket for every Library that's in edx platform. As you can see by this beautiful column on the right. Most of them have somebody who's working on them, which is great.

Feanil Patel: There's a handful that is learning to follow up on but most of the ones that don't have an owner or maintainer. So those are probably things that will just need some help to pick up if anybody has capacity. I know chintan's been picking up a few of those which has been awesome oasim team have been doing a bunch of awesome work. as well, so that's great.

Feanil Patel: to do Michelle Tim Adolfo, do you guys have any updates for the maintenance training contribution related documentation guys working on

Michelle Philbrick: So I also wanted to update that they did post for a third. Community project manager they posted it yesterday on the forums. So just a quick update on that. and then as far as the other stuff Adolfo had been out on vacation, but I compiled a list of resources that I think cover everything that we discussed. I think a lot of the documentation we already have however, it's just a matter of making sure people can find it.

Michelle Philbrick: So, I don't know if that means we also discussed updating the welcome message on the ospr pickets and maybe that information can go in there for the contributors as far as the maintenance side. I'm not sure where best to put that but Tim and I haven't connected back with Adolfo yet Okay.

Feanil Patel: Okay, that sounds good.

Tim Krones: All right. Yeah, I was just gonna say on the topic of updating the messaging that the bot gives we did talk about this in some more detail last week when we met with Jenna about integrating about product review process and the general ospr management process. And we decided that I was gonna take the lead on getting a ticket scheduled for open crafts to contribute these changes to the Automation and that hasn't happened yet, but it's on my list for the open crafts Sprint that started a couple days ago on Tuesdays, Yeah, and we have two weeks Sprints So within a week and a half or so we should have a ticket and then we can start on that work.

Feanil Patel: awesome Yeah, and Michelle reminder just there is this maintenance home section of the docs and I wonder if that's a good place to collect any maintenance related. documentation

Michelle Philbrick: Yeah, that's actually on my list. I think it's more of like making sure the new maintenance that are getting assigned to Repose making sure they have this information. Because I think it was more of like making sure the maintenance are maintaining.

Feanil Patel: Okay.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, and then that sounds Cool. Yeah, and then I think this is the how-to that I've been giving every maintainer as I've been onboarding them. So that's probably the entry point. So I need more information on the related ongoing maintenance task page mix I think the most sense. And then I can help figure out sort of like how to get that to the maintenance and reminding them that this exists and getting them to look at it more often.


Michelle Philbrick: Yeah, and Adolfo just joined. I think Adolfo you mentioned that you would be interested in helping with that too. making sure they're maintenance find this information. right

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, if I remember correctly my intent was to try and do it organically and just point people. Here whenever I found. Something lacking I guess.

Michelle Philbrick: Okay, yeah.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, and I think collecting all using this as the tree for everything and then getting people to go here more often as probably a good strategy.

Feanil Patel: cool

Michelle Philbrick: Finale I did have one quick question related to having a third Community contributions person. they need to be like I thought about this after I posted it, but I know Tim and I think we have to have certain rights to be able to triage. Does it matter that does it matter if it's not a core contributor or something because we had some interest from Community member, but I wasn't sure how it would work with rights and all of that. So I just want to check.

Feanil Patel: So yeah, the triage person is actually a type of core contributor. So we would essentially nominate them to be a core contributor.

Michelle Philbrick: Okay.

Feanil Patel: of that style right, so I think there's a responsibilities access requirements and requirements for nomination here so anybody in the community can be nominated it you just have to make sure that they will meet these requirements and…

Michelle Philbrick: 

Feanil Patel: get agreement from people in the community

Michelle Philbrick: okay, and if it's a new person I don't know if it's somebody new to the community, does that affect things or

Feanil Patel: Yeah, would it will? Because if nobody knows them.

Michelle Philbrick: okay.

Feanil Patel: Then I don't know how we like then it's unlikely that people can vote for them and approve them. Right so we may need to help them.

Michelle Philbrick: Right, okay.

Feanil Patel: build a portfolio of essentially Good experiences so that they can get that access and if you want to talk more about sort of how to do that. I think myself entering are probably the right people to talk to there are probably things they can do without needing the full level of access you guys have And then if there's ways they can help offload some of your work without having those accesses. That's probably a good start and the helps build sort of commitment and caliber.

Michelle Philbrick: Yeah, I think that would be the best way to go. I think I just would need to touch base with you and Serena to see what those things would be that they would be able to do.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, yeah. So yeah, if you want to set something up with us, we can talk through it more and sort of come up with that game plan for how to integrate a person who hasn't been participating in the community already.

Michelle Philbrick: Okay. Okay. Thanks.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. All right continuing.

Feanil Patel: continuing so this next one was figuring out 311 versus 312 testing or both that is actually done. all of the tickets for the libraries mentioned for the edx platform upgrade should have if they need both it clearly states that they need both. The good news is for almost everything we've been able to turn both on only the libraries that rely on sci-fi and numpy that we've run into trouble with so far. Most of the other packages have stayed compatible. From three eight all the way through 312. So we've been able to run tests for most libraries on both 311 and 312. Which bodes for the 312 upgrade for sumac we will probably Not be so close to the deadline for that. We will hopefully be able to get the the Python 3 12 upgrade in.

Feanil Patel: Sometime Late this summer rather than waiting all the way till two weeks before the deadline. so


Feanil Patel: next is let's say. Yeah, and then sandbox code jail. Kyle's working on that there's notes in here if you're curious and there's linked to the ticket. I'm gonna mark this checkbox item as done on my side Kyle since I think you've got this sort of going already. Okay, and then I haven't created and maintaining edx platform models yet. Mostly because of if you'll see in the notes. I've been spending a lot of my time on the python 311 upgrade and trying to block. issues that we have there So probably won't get to it till after we've at least landed a good chunk of the 311 stuff. Although if my brain is fried and I need a break from. Releasing packages and running makeup grades 70 times a day. I might spend some time on it.

Feanil Patel: and then Jeremy How's that the internal audit for code owners and whatnot going is that? done or is there I feel like they're still a handful that are not done yet.

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, I mean I haven't gotten to the ones that are outside of my domain just from a timing perspective, but I did file. an axon engineering ticket because the options that I've tried for Mt. Owner have not worked.

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Jeremy Ristau: So I don't know how much more I really want to go through. If I don't have an answer for that. Then I got to go back and fix them. But it's something that is in my spare time when I have spare time, I've built these PR so

Feanil Patel: Okay, Yeah, I saw that some of them had none in it as a word and some of them were empty and…

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, I got a bunch of recommendations from people single quotes blank.

Feanil Patel: I know

Jeremy Ristau: None tilde all these things were options. I tried as many as I could none of them seem to actually make a difference in backstage. So

Feanil Patel: I said

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I think the ticket is The Right Move. We can take a look in backstage and figure out what it actually wants for that. I think…

Jeremy Ristau: yeah.

Feanil Patel: since it's required field. It's probably just not processing the update and…

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: I may just make an empty team that is unowned so that it will fulfill the requirements and we can go from there.

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, and I mean I'd put axum engineering there in there if you wanted or whatever, but I figured it was more perfect to figure out…

Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Jeremy Ristau: how to solve the null situation.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I think if we did because accident engineering does officially own some things and I wouldn't want to confuse that so I think that the move is probably going to be that we make an empty team that would be a valid value and…

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, exactly.

Feanil Patel: then just put that in all of the places I Can take that since I think that will require and religious.

Jeremy Ristau: Thank you.

Feanil Patel: All right.

Feanil Patel: that and I believe that's the end of our videos

Feanil Patel: in terms of new maintenance updates

Feanil Patel: because we have a bunch of things that are in progress to various degrees. Which is And Serena has been sort of Serena and Michelle you guys have been sort of leading the charge on this.

Feanil Patel: So if you have any updates that you want to share about that.

Michelle Philbrick: I actually sent you and Serena slack message yesterday just because as we get answers, I'm not able to update the sheet.

Feanil Patel: Okay, yeah.


Feanil Patel: Yeah.

Michelle Philbrick: Are so as updates come in I can follow up on that. We've had some responses of further interest but a lot of them are just waiting to be confirmed. But it's…

Feanil Patel: Okay, awesome.

Michelle Philbrick: but as they are add We'll add it in.

Feanil Patel: That sounds good. Yeah.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, and I think just to remind her. You can update whatever except for the catalog info one which we pull. Directly from the code itself. So don't know.

Michelle Philbrick: Yeah, no, yeah. Yeah.

Feanil Patel: And then other than that should have access now.

Feanil Patel: yeah, somebody wanted the code that I used to pull that right. I need to send somebody that Jeremy is it Robert who wanted to see the code for pulling that data from GitHub?

Feanil Patel: code If it's important, I'm sure it'll come up again.

Feanil Patel: but I'll check with him I think that is. The majority of the updates. So I think the maintenance work right now I think is honestly from my perspective a little bit back burner behind the python 311 upgrade and getting that out the door before the Redwood cut in two weeks. and the good news is that we've seen a lot of awesome help from across the community. For a lot of these libraries that don't have maintenance already. People are getting across X improvements. Are we bomb? And Arbor soft in general chintan and a couple of sort of individual contributors. We've seen a lot of really awesome contributions across the board and the maintenance of the things that do have maintenance. So Maria, I saw you picked up the couple of tickets for the

Feanil Patel: events and filters libraries computer picked up a couple of tickets as So really awesome to see and get all that help to get this over the line. So thank you to everybody who has been picking up the 311 stuff and making it a priority.

Feanil Patel: But yeah, I think we're in good shape. I mentioned this in the edx platform meeting, but I'll mention it here again, which is that we do. I was able to get the 311 unit tests to pass on edx platform. So the core changes to the edit platform repo. Are in pretty good shape now, we still need to get linting and ask that compilation a couple of other things tested on 311. But at least all the unit tests are passing on 311 on this Branch now and we're working through Landing it won't land exactly as is because it has breaking changes to sci-fi in them in the code jail sandboxes, but Kyle's making some changes on that front to help that land.

Feanil Patel: Further Upstream, I think. The other place that I have not spent a lot of time but I will remind others that does exist is there are tickets now for all the other services that are currently part of a release that need python 311 landed I know.

Feanil Patel: Kelly said that for the ones that she was maintenance of shoes looking at them already and the tickets will be helpful for everybody else. There's a bunch of Enterprise ones here that I haven't reached out for commerce worker. I know are still working on the Django upgrade. So the python upgrade there will be lower priority credentials and course Discovery are the ones that I think are in my mind sort of the highest priority after So once at its platform lands, that's the stuff that If I have capacity, I'll look at but if others have capacity sooner and those are more important to you. Those are ones that still need the 311 or 312 upgrade ideally 312 for those.

Feanil Patel: Yeah, so the issues are all I'll drop them in chat not with them in the meeting notes as well. and this is to be clear. This is not all of the services within the open edx or these are just the ones that are marked for release for the community releases, which is what I've been focusing on. So there may be other ideas that to you is currently using that aren't being tracked here. that

Feanil Patel: probably you need this upgrade if they don't want to sort of be vulnerable to having an old version of python. running


Feanil Patel: given what I saw in edx platform. I don't think that they're for the other services if I had to guess I think the work is probably less than a week's worth of work to get those upgraded and landed. especially because I think they don't use as many sort of first party libraries as a platform as edx platform does so hopefully it should be pretty fast upgrades on those for anybody who's looking at them.

Feanil Patel: I think my goal before sumac which I'm sort of vocalizing so that I can get help with it is I think we need all of the services that are going to be a part of the open edx release should have been maintainer that can be the point person for future maintenance that upgrades like this. think about that if you are already the maintenance of any of those repos and you're listening to this later.

Feanil Patel: I know that there will be more upgrades on your radar for C Mac, which is in October and you should sort of plan accordingly in any other sort of work you have to do around that service.

Feanil Patel: Go for Jeremy.

Jeremy Ristau: Is it possible to steal a few minutes to talk about something? That's not python?

Feanil Patel: Yeah, absolutely.

Jeremy Ristau: the Arbon team has no jest react Etc in their currently blocked behind mostly the alpha release of front and building front platform, and I'm wondering Sort of what is left in the way to get that? released

Felipe Montoya: the release of paragon Was going to say we are at the moment.

Adolfo Brandes: Go ahead.

Felipe Montoya: We are writing a project together. We can. collaborate and getting end build front and platform and Paragon to release on top of the

Felipe Montoya: Elkins Says variables Which marks? What is the us from non Alpha version of spart

Felipe Montoya: But that would be starting at the earliest at some point next week.

Feanil Patel: so the front end build Alpha release is

Feanil Patel: it has the site tokens work in it or the design tokens working at?

Felipe Montoya: Yes, that's the IDE.

Jeremy Ristau: And typescript as well.

Adolfo Brandes: and just

Felipe Montoya: I did.

Jeremy Ristau: and right so this was my comment to adolfo's eventually the alpha release will start to balloon and trying to land it might impact the jest release

Adolfo Brandes: So, right.

Jeremy Ristau: If that's fine, I'm totally fine with that. But

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, exactly. Let's focus on whether it's fine or not in general first. So just as a general idea, I think we should start leveraging the alpha beta whatever you want to call it branches. to do exactly this to Bunch features that we want to release that are close in time. to avoid having to release breaking changes one after the other right? This is so I argue we should do this to be better upstreams right and to make releases more predictable and tested and everything right not just break everything from all the time.

Adolfo Brandes: so in principle, I think it's fine that the alpha is a ballooning what we're missing here is maybe a stronger effort to


Adolfo Brandes: not leave Alpha and Alpha for too long. So I think the Paragon Alpha has been there for over a year, maybe more. I'm not sure. And I don't think is necessarily a good thing right the front and build Alpha. I think it has less of a long life. At least the current iteration.

Adolfo Brandes: All of that said I think it's time to get this stuff merge. so

Adolfo Brandes: Felipe you say that Paragon is almost there.

Felipe Montoya: What? to talking with the

Felipe Montoya: and during Can this week? wanted So that version. And that is a breaking change, but we will. Paragon 22 or…

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah. Yes.

Felipe Montoya: sometime people migrate

Adolfo Brandes: That is another thing. I wanted to say and Being a good Upstream of also means we don't immediately forget about the release that was just super So we're gonna have to be better behaved and back-porting fixes, especially security fixes and the like To at least the previous release, right?

Jeremy Ristau: Maybe because I have to run to another meeting what I'm trying to find out is, it was asked of the team to do more testing and more repos and I think that testing was done and now that we're wondering what else is left in order to release Alpha branch?

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, maybe it's just the fact that I took last week off and haven't had time to get back.

Jeremy Ristau: Yeah, yeah.

Adolfo Brandes: So yeah, I know maybe that answers your question, Because yeah, I've seen some of those tests. I don't have any objections myself to virgin.

Jeremy Ristau: Okay, no more repos, but you would want check out beforehand or anything like to go.

Adolfo Brandes: No, no, as long as assuming the tests happened the way. they work. yeah, so I'm not against merging that no.

Jeremy Ristau: Yep. Okay.

Feanil Patel: so it sounds like Jeremy it sounds like everybody is unblocked but needs that communicated to them Adolfo. Can you make sure to talk with the RV bomb team and make sure that they can land the just and react upgrades.

Adolfo Brandes: And adjust and typescript or…

Feanil Patel: and types

Adolfo Brandes: in that Branch here. Yeah, definitely.

Jeremy Ristau: Thank you.

Feanil Patel: And I think related since we're in front of land.

Jeremy Ristau: 

Feanil Patel: No JS upgrade on that X platform is now pretty close to Landing. I think it's just waiting on a review. So if you are a front Endy person in edx platform and have CC writes and want to review Feel free to take a look at it. I know Adolfo has it on his plate but being gone a week

Adolfo Brandes: But I refuted it's fine right now. It's a matter of coordinating who and presses the merge button because this Yeah,…

Feanil Patel: I'll cross it right now. That's

Adolfo Brandes: because this is pipeline sensitive. I just want to make sure that somebody at…

Feanil Patel: okay.

Adolfo Brandes: who you is looking at the right. light

Feanil Patel: I think treated the same as every other one, which is give them warning in the CC edx platform Channel and then merge it. So I don't think we need to treat it that much differently…

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, sure.

Feanil Patel: if you want to give them longer hey, I'm gonna merge this on Monday and tell them today. That's totally okay, but let's get it scheduled.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, actually told them on Monday. So I guess this is significant.

Feanil Patel: yeah, and So you can ship it today,…

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, yeah,…

Feanil Patel: I think.

Adolfo Brandes: probably I'll just give another quartz as he heads up and then just do it.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. Yeah, I think give him a 15 minute warning and then ship it. awesome

Adolfo Brandes: All right, cool.

Feanil Patel: And then did I understand correctly Adolfo that the thing needed to land? Those Alpha changes is just somebody to approve Landing them to master or how does that process work?

Adolfo Brandes: 

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, we were just concerned that some of the features in that Branch weren't tested in real life property. so one of the things was I forget…

Feanil Patel: Yeah.


Adolfo Brandes: if fronten platform or front and Bill they think platform we wanted an alpha for that too. So that nmfe or other could actually import the Alphas. Right out and…

Feanil Patel: try it out here. so

Adolfo Brandes: not have to Blink up all the CI to with fake stuff.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. That makes sense.

Adolfo Brandes: It's Mega work.

Feanil Patel: I guess my question is more like okay that it sounds like maybe that happened. Is the process after that the team who made the alpha updates just make a new pull request against master and get that approved.

Adolfo Brandes: No, no, it's actually hinging up. unless Brian Smith or somebody else jumped in there. It's actually hinging on me going back and actually proving the pr.

Feanil Patel: Okay, just like everything the pr for master.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah. Yeah, it's just exactly.

Feanil Patel: but that sounds good. So I know that you're just getting back so I assume that'll happen in the next little bit.

Adolfo Brandes: No, yeah, my review queue is. You…

Feanil Patel: Yeah, I figured so no rush.

Adolfo Brandes: I'm whittling it down.

Feanil Patel: I just looking to understand.

Feanil Patel: Yeah. Yeah, just want to be cool. That's just blocked.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah, exactly.

Adolfo Brandes: Yeah.

Feanil Patel: we know. With five minutes over if anybody else has anything the WG maintenance slack channel is a great place to start other conversations.

Feanil Patel: Otherwise, I will see you all next week.

Feanil Patel: Okay. Thank you.

Adolfo Brandes: Bye.

Kyle McCormick: everyone

Meeting ended after 01:01:50 👋