Deprecation Working Group


A group with a focus on how to get rid of old, dead code that has better alternatives.


AKA 'slash n burn' AKA 'kill it with fire'



  • @Diana Huang

  • @Yagnesh Nayi

  • @Feanil Patel

  • @Robert Raposa

  • @Kyle McCormick


Open edX Proposal (OEP)

There's an OEP that covers the deprecation and removal process:

OEP-21: Deprecation and Removal

  • Keep an eye on whether or not this process is working

  • If not, suggest improvements/revisions


Scratch Confluence Page

Deprecation/Removal Evaluation is an internal page where the Architecture team started this process and that we can use for exploring possible items to remove.


We meet once every two weeks. You can view the meeting on the Open edX Working Group calendar.

Meeting Notes

Working Group Objectives

Part of the work that I would like to tackle as part of this group is:

  • How do we get this work onto our team backlogs?

  • What work should be added to this list?

  • Are there ways to make deprecation more 'frictionless'? What pain points do people run into during deprecation work?

  • How can we hold the engineering org accountable for technical debt deliberately introduced?

Resources - How much it costs to keep around code we don’t use anymore. - Process for ensuring deprecations have proper release notes. If we are contacted by BTR about a release being cut, follow this process.