Working group issue commands

Open edX Working Groups use GitHub Issues to coordinate and track work. People who are participating in working groups will often need to assign themselves to issues and edit the labels on issues. If you are a member of the openedx GitHub organization, you may be able to do that yourself. If you are not, then there are a few “commands” that you can comment on any GitHub Issue or Pull Request.


Assign yourself to a PR

assign me

Add a label

label <labelname>

Note: Only one label can be added at a time.

Remove a label

remove-label <labelname>

Note: Only one label can be removed at a time.


TODO: Add a link to an instance of someone using these commands on an issue

Technical Details

These commands are implemented using organization-wide GitHub Actions in defined in the .github repository:

If the commands aren’t working, please file a GitHub Request with the tCRIL team.