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Questions for Julie and her team

  • Journey
    • What was their Journey? from where they started to where they are now
    • How much effort/what was the timeline for the creation of Canvas?
    • Remaining rough edges?
    • False starts?
  • People
    • What has been the reaction/adoption?
    • How many people?
    • What % of code is using Canvas?
    • How do they work with UX, product, a11y?
    • Who did they build this for - developers, customers?
    • Adoption
  • Component management
    • How are the components deployed to production?
    • How are they managed in GitHub repos? 1 repo per component or 1 mega-repo?
    • Is Canvas versioned in some way?
    • Are there any issues / innovations around being able to consume the components in multiple dependent repositories?  ( comes to mind)
    • How do you handle the need for custom functionality and styling and ensure that the integrity of the design system is protected?
    • Related, as you continue to live with Canvas, how do you decide what constitutes functionality/UX affordances that should be built into the design system, vs. work that should remain a one-off?
    • Ongoing maintenance
      • How do new components get added? dedicated team vs feature dev teams
      • Maintenance & updates to components - sustainment team
  • Drawing boundaries
    • Small number of primitives or large number of variations?
    • Include compound components?
    • How configurable do you make components
    • Microfrontends - how do they split their frontends?
    • How to do they decide the size of their components?
  • Technical concerns
    • How do they handle styles? Inline JS?
    • How do they measure performance, if at all, at the component level?
    • How is localization handled, if at all, at the component level?
    • This is diving a bit, but have you established any best practices around how to structure form data state with UIForm and its inputs?  Controlled components with state stored in the form?  How does that get extracted from the design system's components for submission?
    • Responsive design / mobile considerations?  Media queries?  UISelect, for instance, says to use a native select where appropriate.  How often does this sort of thing become a problem in your experience?
  • A11y
    • To what extent does theming support or enforce contrast requirements?
    • Any consideration for Windows and Chrome High Contrast Mode?
    • Focus management -- how can you make it work with dynamic documents?
    • What are the preferred architectures for plugins when the Canvas isn’t providing everything needed?
    • Are they doing any browser/screen reader compatibility testing?

Meeting Notes


Our Guests:

  • Julie - Tech Lead of design system - Canvas
  • Chris - 
  • Joe -