Arch Hours: Special Guests

  • Arch Lunch with Adam Medros, COO of edX - 2018-12-06

Please join us at our informal Arch Lunch as we munch n' chat this week with folks from the Enterprise Customer Success (ECS) team.  Personally, when I chatted briefly with Dianna Berisha (ECS manager) and Zohal Shah, I was super intrigued and delighted by the work they do and how they marry many functions together - including data analysis, content management, engineering consultation, etc.

Here's a brief description of their team:

The Enterprise Customer Success (ECS) team is focused on supporting the B2B client before and after they sign their purchase agreements. We assist in helping them identify the best way to utilize the courses and tools and we offer through curation, configuration, and ongoing consultation to ensure they get the most out of edX For Business.