Architecture and Engineering: Home

This wiki space contains public architecture and engineering documents.  Eventually, long-term documentation should be moved to GitHub, while short-term notes, thoughts, and project-related documents remain in Confluence. See OEP-19 Developer Documentation for more information.

Welcome to the Open edX Architecture and Engineering Space!  Take a look around and feel free to contribute and post comments.

Here are a few noteworthy pages in this space:

Architecture Learning Resources, plus Architecture Onboarding Prez

recommended readings and resources for learning about software architecture, including reference to the latest architecture onboarding presentation.
Architecture Vision & Principlescontains diagrams and description of the future direction of the platform, plus architecture principles/manifesto for the platform.
edX Glossaryis a dictionary of common edX terms.
How-Toscollects documents with how-tos on various development and deployment operations. (These should eventually be moved to a more permanent location in Github.)
Architecture Design Documents (-> OEPs instead)

houses helpful information about the current and near-future architecture of Open edX.  (These should eventually be moved to a more permanent location in Github.)

Architecture Notes and Thoughtstime-sensitive notes and discussions that may no longer be accurate. Feel free to use this section for discussing ideas with the community.
Platform-Core Teamprovides information on the roadmap, project plans, and further detail of on-going work by the edX Architecture team.

You may also be interested in the following documents (located outside of this space):

Developer DocumentationPublic top-level index of Open edX developer documents.
Engineering (edX-Internal)Private top-level index of edX developer documents.
Open edX OperationsConfluence pages for people installing, running, and managing Open edX installations.
OXACommon questions and answers from the Open edX community.
Frontend DevelopmentWiki space for temporary documentation on Open edX frontend development.

Questions? Contact our Chief Architect, Nimisha Asthagiri (Deactivated) by slack (@nimisha) or email.