Arch Lunch: 2019-09-19

Lean Coffee Topics

  1. Devs advocating for tech opportunities in backlog ++++++
  2. Unlocking Cross-Squad collaboration  ++++++
  3. Unlocking collaboration +++++
  4. Where to put a feature?  App/Library/IDA/etc?  ++
  5. Localizing on frontend or backend? +++++
  6. Repo ownership +++
  7. Awesomizing Courseware


  • Devs advocating for tech opportunities in backlog
    • "Tech opportunities":
      • Necessary stuff (e.g., upgrades) and proactive stuff (future-proofing)
    • Development Culture and Empowerment
      • Are developers advocating for these to their product teams?
        • We do have some positive examples (e.g., Journals removal)
        • Might be harder for work that is cross-team dependent.
      • Ideas:
        • Asking for some percentage work in each sprint
        • Can we just have a consistent amount of maintenance work alotted instead of needing to justify each individual work?
        • "Scheduling dental surgery versus brushing teeth every day"
    • Infrastructure
      • There has been some infrastructural support to make-upgrades easier/automated.
    • Communication
      • Communicating the "business risk"
      • Providing numbers and metrics would help
        • But computing those is a time sink
  • Unlocking Cross-Squad collaboration
    • "Squad" = the team that you work with every day
    • Problems
      • I don't know what's the priority of the other teams
        • not just what they did, but what's on their roadmap
      • Teams have already packed up their work for the quarter
        • little room for injections
      • How do I know what others are working on and who I should talk to about X
        • relying on Git commit history
      • Not a consistent way of tracking projects/tickets
    • Ideas
      • DevOps has 4 hours every Monday for "Quality of Life" time
        • now replaced with 5% time
      • Office Hours - can queue up non-pressing items
        • DevOps has a few processes to allow for interrupts
        • But some of them are not well attended
        • 10th floor is not a great location
      • S&E has added "component areas" to Jira that we can use
      • Monthly Arch Standup - scrum of scrums
        • enhancements:
          • focus on what's coming much more than what was done
            • Write down what was done
            • When speaking out loud, focus on upcoming
          • communicate out to #dev channel after the meeting
        • send a reminder to all of the engineers beforehand
        • time-box each team's update
      • Explicitly communicate in 3 channels (slack/email/all-hands) before embarking on an Epic


  • Overall liked the structure of this meeting
  • Time limits were good
  • Timer ring should be shorter
  • +1 on raising hands
  • Not all needed people are in the room, but a good chance to brainstorm
  • In the past, we have gotten a chance to dive deep on an individual's problem
  • More than a meeting, not a lunch
  • I liked raising the hand as a way to vote