Arch Tea Time: 2020-09-17


Please enter your proposed topics for discussion here.
In Lean Coffee Style (link1, link2), we will vote on which topics the group wants to discuss and time-box the discussion to 10 or 15mns → 5mns (if re-voted) → 5mns (if re-voted).

Backlog of Questions/Discussions

This section lists a backlog of previous proposed topics that haven’t yet been discussed.

  • React - Discussions Forum - editor input - draft JS

  • Questions about frontend-platform and edx-platform (AJ and David Joy)

  • Branding: How can we keep branded edX Strings separate from the open source code (right now English string values are also edX-branded string values) +3

  • Shopping cart deprecation with Diana

    • lessons learned, knowledge sharing on dead code, etc.