ecommerce: Django 3.2 upgrade deployment plan

Prerequisites for upgrade deployment

  • Review upgrade PR ( )

  • Identify the exact commands to fake auth migration on stage and prod.

    • Also identify the person who is going to run these commands while deployment (from the owning squad or SRE)

    • Actual command to fake that certain migration: python migrate --fake auth 0066

    • Prerequisites are need to be identified to run this command

    • Also we need to make sure if a rollback is required then what would be effect of that on this migration (whether this migration also needs to be rollbacked)

  • Announce code freeze for two days, so upgrade can be tested on stage.


  • Merge the upgrade PR ( )

  • Fake auth migration on stage.

  • Perform some smoke testing on stage instance to look for issues (if any).

  • If there is no error on stage then we should go for prod deployment.

  • Similarly fake the auth migration on prod too.