Libraries we KNOW we want to move out of the monolith

See Justifying new Django applications in edx-platform decision for help on when/if to add new libraries to this page as a part of developing new applications.

Note: When implementing the extraction, look into using git subtree so we can retain the git history.  Please add to the notes here if you were successful in using the tool.

Also, be sure to use the djangoapp cookiecutter to bootstrap your efforts, if applicable:

App in edx-platformWhere should it go?Additional NotesTeam likely to take it on (big grin)Status
Django App PluginsIts own repo (in edx organization): django-plugins
ARCH-130 - Getting issue details... STATUS STARTED
Waffle UtilsIts own repo (in edx organization): edx-toggles

ARCH-129 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Safe SessionsA new repo: django-safety
openedx.core.lib.apiedx-drf-extensionsArch Team, others welcome to join in the fun!STARTED