Modeling Session, 2018-03-29


Est timePurposeActionNote taker
3mnsEffectiveness & efficiencyReview this proposed agenda.Nimisha
20mnsReponsibilities of each Bounded ContextClarify and define the responsibilities of each bounded context, as drawn in Modeling Session, 2018-03-15#BoundedContextsDave
30mnsComponents in Bounded Contexts
  • Write each component from edx-platform Repository Overview on Post-it notes
  • Identify missing components from other IDAs and put them on Post-it notes
  • Place these Post-it notes within each Bounded content from previous step

20mnsAssess Model
  • Examine model based on recent volatility and use cases
    • Does Single Responsibility principle hold?

Responsibilities of each Bounded Context

(Sorry, I got caught up in the conversation about half an hour in, and didn't keep up with the comments.)

Some comments on what was done before

  • Many people work in multiple areas (e.g. 95% of publisher users are studio users)
  • "Bundling" might be too big – course vs. program might be different enough to be their own contexts.

Content Authoring

Content Repository

  • Models: Collection, Unit, (Sequence?)
  • Versioning
  • Storage
  • Sharing
  • Permissions
  • All content definitions are authored and then stored in here.

Content Composition (remixing?)

  • Responsible for overrides, dynamic modifications
  • CCX
  • Are we overindexed on reuse use cases?
  • Course vs. CourseRun given at a given time (e.g. CCX)

Bundling of content as something you can be certified for as a different Context.

(Person who creates the course content is usually the same as the person writing the Course About page.)

  • Q: But does this happen in a different time scale?
  • A: Happens at about the same time now, not discrete steps.

What is the division between Content and Composition?

  • What's a Sequence?

Refined Bounded Contexts

Other Notes